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Experiencer account by Lyn Brooks, from Oregon

Experiencer account by Lyn Brooks, from Oregon:

Walking through a trail, I saw where two big trees were knocked down in the shape of a ”V”. I knew by the way they layed that they were pushed over, as a block to their home. At the end where other trees still stood, I could see dark behind the trees and eyes watching me. So I asked is it ok to sit on this tree, no response. So I sat there and played a Navajo flute. I liked how it bounced off the trees. As I walked away, I stopped and looked back. There was a mom bent down with babies. It looked like they were telling on me, with Dad peeping through the trees at me. His mouth was red, eyes brown, with fat yellow rings around the pupils. I think they’re peaceful.

Photo: Lyn Brooks

3 thoughts on “Experiencer account by Lyn Brooks, from Oregon”

    1. Interesting observation. Indeed, they show their youths only when they know they can trust. There’s always been stories of juveniles, but there is a growing number of communicators now who openly share their experiences…

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