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They saved my husband’s life, by Peggy

By Peggy:

Thank you, Sunbow. I was just wondering if there was something I could do for them.

A group of them saved my husband’s life (who has recently passed) many years ago up near the Canadian border; while camping, he became snowed in and ran out of food. A Sasquatch family brought him algae first, then fish until he could get out.

Our son has seen them twice locally near where we live. I have always felt a very protective feeling for them because they have been chased from so many places.

I have stayed away from all the Sasquatch media, but was drawn to your book. Total resonance! Thank you for sharing your experiences.

Unfortunately the isolated areas have been getting logged and developed, but there probably are still  enclaves where they may be locally. And the Mt not too far away. Also, my son and I will be camping on the Olympic Peninsula next month, a great opportunity to connect!

Thank you for the link. I will begin the journey of communication with them. I would certainly love that! I do send them love and respect and feel great heart energy back.

I knew they were interdimensional beings, but I did not know they were telepathic. I suppose I didn’t think of it, but makes total sense.

Love and Blessings to you, Peggy

6 thoughts on “They saved my husband’s life, by Peggy”

  1. the sasquatch experiencers give so many positive insights into the True Nature of the Sasquatch. They often have repeat and on- going contact, that it seems to me these are Soul agreements between humans and Sasquatch. And incarnations of Soul family members in the two Nations of People.

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  2. It’s to wonder whether different species or types of Sasquatch behave differently. In my experiences, these beings do not get involved whatsoever in peoples’ lives. If they did, they would rescue drowning children, prevent murders/crimes and guide those who are lost in the forest. Perhaps there are reasons for them not to get involved, but the lack of assistance is confusing and disappointing. Of course, perhaps the Sasquatch aren’t interested in becoming our ‘superheros’ or ‘saviors’. What about the few that do help in rare instances? Do they intentionally choose to lend a hand or is it a random, unexpected act? This makes for a complicated understanding of these beings and humans’ expectations of them. The exceptional Sasquatch who do get involved to save a life, provide assistance or rescue a person are to be commended for their courage and compassion.

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    1. Different individuals have different behaviors, just like with humans. Not all are medicine teachers or healers and there are a few rogue individuals.

      However, there are many Native teachings describing the Sasquatch as helping and at times rescuing people lost in the woods, often children. There are countless stories of such cases recorded, at times by the press, and we have shared many examples on this website as in my Encyclopedia of All Things Sasquatch.

      As for interactions, they have been reported since ancestral times, not always peaceful and friendly, but there are countless examples of them visiting villages, knocking on walls or windows, taking or leaving things, even at times abducting people or interbreeding. They have also left gifts to many and offered protection from accidents or crimes.

      For some medicine people Sasquatch is a spiritual guide with whom they learn and communicate.

      So for sure, although they prefer to stay away from humans in general and won’t interfere in human affairs, they nevertheless definitely communicate, manifest and get involved with some humans and communities.

      Whether or not a few humans will pay attention and notice, and choose to get involved in interaction, engage in communication and develop friendship with them is what makes the difference with the results of the mutual exchange.

      The ”lack of assistance” you refer to depends on the perceptions and perspectives, as for some they are very present and precious helpers. When they manifest, it is already a way of getting involved with whoever they manifest to.

      We could ask likewise ”what assistance are we providing them with?”. As many just want to use them for personal interest, only a few are really involved in making them known and helping their cause.

      These exceptional humans who work with Sasquatch are also to be commended for their courage and for disclosing the truth.

      Best blessings to you and your clan…


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