SunBôw at the Galactic & Spiritual Informers Connection, 10/21/22

SunBôw at the Galactic & Spiritual Informers Connection, 10/21/22

The Sasquatch Message to Humanity:

This prerecorded half-hour presentation was streamed at the Galactic and Spiritual Informers Connection, in Orlando, Florida, on October 21st, 2022. I did not record the half-hour questions and answers live session, but the entire event was recorded and videos should be made available shortly. Around 850 attended the event in person. I joined and presented online…

7 thoughts on “SunBôw at the Galactic & Spiritual Informers Connection, 10/21/22”

  1. Well done Sunbow Truebrother.  The Ambassadorship for all Sasquatch & Hybrids are crucial.  

          Since the initial hard Physical contact on January 18, 2022.  Have absorbed much information from the work you, Jack Kewaune Lapseritis, Kelly Rainbow Butterfly, Carol Solene Carter, Su Walker posted or published. 

          I have a message for you Sunbow from my Enforcer’s journey.  Last month a White Snowy Owl kept flying next to me.  Few days ago, landed on a pine tree branch, 3 feet from my face.  For a minute, we looked at each others eyes and a download occurred. This Snowy White  Owl  now, waits for me at night during my night foot patrol of the mountain.  Found following link with message to confirm the Elder’s presence.    From Chloe Rain / Exploredeeply web page.

      Since January 18 2022 visited by hundreds of Merkaba’s, Bald Eagles and Falcons.

        Sasquatch are VERY REAL !!!!!

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    1. Thanks for your feedback Frank, interesting story. The snowy owl is the emblem of Quebec, we see it around here very winter, when it flies down from the Arctic. Just days ago a friend brought me a dead Saw-Whet Owl that bumped into his bay window. The smallest owl we have. I salvaged its feathers and claws and offered it a final resting place. The local crows cawed as I did. Our winged relatives are great teachers and friends. Sasquatch love them too and work with them in symbiosis. Blessings…


  2. Amazing, That date January 18 is very important!!! In divine time all will connect. Time froze, saw many images and a few seconds found Below link to Author Agnes Towes-Andrews. Many Time line connections to previous posts on looking into the Secret shadow government since 1996, and before , during, after the destruction of the World Trade Center’s.

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