Comments from viewers of SunBôw’s interview on Canadian Awareness, November 2022

Comments from viewers of SunBôw’s interview on Canadian Awareness with host Anthony, November 2022:

@babsimorob7962: You can tell Sunbow is a kind human, as well that contact with these beings changed him forever. Great show.

@jennyperkin4624: Sunbow’s books are breathtaking thank you Anthony for bringing him on the show.

@skyehoefke3424: Thank you @CANADIANAWARENESS for sharing this amazing show with us!! Your guest shares some important content and perspectives that I personally appreciate. I will keep an eye open for SunBow’s books. Shout out to SunBow and our Hairy Humanoid relatives!

@brittanymarie2022: I hold a lot of respect for Sunbow his books can be a shamanic journey for yourself, or help with guiding you. It’s quite interesting to see the dynamic & difference between the two of you. Two diff. Presentations on ancestral & genetic healing, this is great example watching and feeling what’s genuine & not god complex.

@riverhawk9869: What a treat! Thank you, Anthony, for the great questions, and Thank you Sunbow for taking the time for such an amazing interview! I truly appreciate and enjoyed all the wisdom you shared with us! Much Respect. As always Anthony, you bring great knowledge and wisdom to your channel. THANK YOU!

@diannesims3890: This is wonderful Interview, I just enjoyed every bit of it, can’t thank you enough to both of you. Peace Love and Light to all.

@anthonytmein: That was a great interview, thank you for this substantial content. You covered so much more than just “these things, these creatures” and the whole proof thing. This was real substance, re: shamanism, spiritual topics, and Bôw’s overall individual personhood showcased well. Srsly well done interview.

@AramieMarshall: Terrific interview. Sunbow is very clearly not entirely of this world, and it was an honor to feel his energy through this podcast.

@richarddewalt6575: Sunbow has been always known as a genuine man wit integrity.

@user-nf6bq1po6g: Another amazing guest! Top notch.

@Kaemmer23: Love hearing the stories from both of you!! Helps me open up to the idea of having my own contact experiences in the future and it’s exciting to think about!

@user-wg6ls5kc1m: What a king(d?) man with soft approach to life. Sunbow I’ve never heard of but now after googling him I can see his experience and books. excellent conversation.

@larryfulmer5479: I like how Sunbow mentions his shamanic training for understanding many things. Especially the astral work. I too have mentioned my shamanic training in an understanding of things and being able to determine truth just from what I read or come across in my own research and studies of all things being connected to these studies.

@guliannacostello5116: Sunbow is such a sweet humble man, total gentleman.

@lordrutledge2612: Awesome, I have dreamed of them being on my property, and a few months ago I was walking where I saw them in a particular dream – I heard a sudden sound like there was a very large tree branch falling through the leaves or something, and I was expecting to feel the ground shake from the impact and how loud this commotion was. But there was nothing after that. My gf described it as like something getting up from laying down, and she said she heard like an exhale/groan like it came from a very large horse or bear. But there was nothing there to be seen, we had a clear view of the whole area and would have seen an animal running away. This was just a few feet away from where we were. Also oddly enough it was the day after I listened to another podcast where the guest was talking about her and her daughter’s Bigfoot experiences…

@bonnyevaknuktan3219: What a beautifull soul, SunBow TrueBrother. The name says it all.

@peterluce1177: Love SunBow’s books !

@8timechamp362: Bro another great episode. Wonderful guest I’ve just ordered his book on amazon.

@carmenmarcello652: I have his books on shamanic journeys. profound intel man!!!

@annas823: Great guest.

@vf1020: Such a lovely person.

@avaavanni4042: Love the message. Want the Sunbow books…

@tampatoronto369: Wise man.

@marijamarazovko1112: What a lovely french accent.

@eyecan8: Thank you for this conversation! I learn a lot & confirm something. Please don’t give up on humanity, we are still moving forward. I believe in humanity.

4 thoughts on “Comments from viewers of SunBôw’s interview on Canadian Awareness, November 2022”

  1. Hello Sunbow Truebrother
    Must admit been busy with last years January 18 2022 Hard contact to this January 18 2023. My family of fellow Trooper Sasquatches are great in helping me tie up intersecting timelines in where they were always with me.
    Just now my wife heard something next to her, but nothing there. Going back to listen to this interview, heavy telepathic and vocal communication on this recent post.

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