Ancient One, by Raven Hawk

Title Ancient One, by Raven Hawk: Sasquatch, the wise elder of the forest, shares his wisdom about how to walk in a good way when in nature. ‘When you walk in nature, it is important to walk with respect. Walk softly on the earth, and be mindful of the creatures that you share the space with. Offer them your kindness and they will offer you theirs. Walk with an open heart, and you will find your way. xoxo Raven Hawk

Artwork and caption: Raven Hawk

3 thoughts on “Ancient One, by Raven Hawk”

  1. Beautiful share/artwork Raven Hawk – the forest naturally enhance tenderness and kindness when our desire is to be aligned with our True Nature – i was never let down when i entered the forest with an open heart, i always left filled with unconditional love and clarity….

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  2. Beautiful share/artwork Raven Hawk – i have found the forest and all her sentience always tended to my pain and sadness when i entered with an open heart and an open mind…its like bathing in pure essential qualities vibrantly responding to any imbalance with unconditional love….

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