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Communicating with our Brothers, by Don from BC

Communicating with our Brothers, by Don from BC:

Greetings Sun Bow, For a while I wanted to send something along that others may find interesting in a post. Below and attached are part of my experience in communicating with them… For the last month I have been planning a trip to Sasquatch Lake from Six Mile on the west shore of Kootenay Lake by bicycle and you just recently posted about your trip which must have taken place several years ago. Our brothers have been following my thoughts on that as well, at least they seem to like the idea of getting out in the backcountry by bicycle, or probably any other way…

Communicating with our Brothers

It’s been three years since our brothers first stared to gift stones around my mountain home and about five years since I started to interact with them. I’m lucky to live a place where there are a lot of Sasquatch and also a lot of rock.

Not all of the stones I have received are quartz, but many are. I asked what they wanted when I started to communicate with them. The reply came, “we want you to know you’re not alone”. It took me some time to understand who they were and, with the help of others, I learned about them and what our relationship is.

I have never looked for any of the stones, however I do walk with an awareness. I’ve often come across the stones when I was in the company of others where it would be difficult to explain my interest in a seemingly ordinary object in the mountain terrain. Going back and retrieving them at another time gives me an opportunity to ponder if they are truly important to me. I have left some, perhaps for another. They occur on two walks, that some call gifting areas, but can also occur closer tp my home.

Most of them carry a signature in the form of face. Often there will be two, one in relief and one in profile, or both. As to their purpose, I have used them to invoke healing and as a type of antenna to amplify meditation. The one I’ve used for healing is really two that fit together. Our brothers don’t use a lot of words with me, when asked if a particular stone was meant for me and what its strength is they simply showed up in a dream with the stone on the ground and gestured to it commenting, “there it is, what are you going to do with it”? Another time they just doubled over laughing.

Two of them have been presented to others who have wanted to offer them to me, which surprised me. I understand after receiving two stones I have presented to others that we are only custodians and drawing them to the attention of others is a gesture of brotherhood. They may not be ready to receive them, but that’s fine.

Don – Kootaney Lake B.C.

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