Message of Guidance for our times, by SunBôw

Re-sharing a message of guidance for our times…

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

Message of Guidance for our times, by SunBôw

Where are we heading now? It’s up to every one us…

Prophecies fulfill. Dreams come true. Visions manifest. Signs appear. The White Buffalo has returned, Condor and Eagle reunited, the doors of the House of Glass were opened to the Indigenous Peoples, the four colors have come together, the last baktun was completed, the Rainbow warriors are circling, we are the 7th generation, the 8th Fire is being lit. What’s coming next on our walk towards Unity and Peace on Earth?…
Re-sharing here a message received in dream in February 2015:

Humanity is about to enter the hardest phase of its evolution since the beginning of its existence. It’s time for all the spiritually conscious Light workers, healers, wisdom keepers and medicine carriers to come together and unite as One. We must quit thinking as ‘I’ to think as ‘We’…

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