Hopi Star Knowledge and Prophecy

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

Hopi Star Knowledge and Prophecy, by SunBôw

Prophecies fulfill… When I met Hopi Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma in 1997, arriving on Hopi land from France with a group of ten Europeans I was guiding, he noticed us during a kachina dance on the plaza in Hotevilla and invited us to his home, where he shared a wealth of knowledge and wisdom with us. He showed us some drawings of several petroglyphs and explained their meaning to us. Among them one was depicting a pattern with a series of bars. Of the various prophecies he shared with us, this one was referring to a time coming of global tyranny and martial law. The bars holding the people prisoners are not made of iron, but of fear and restrictions in the minds of people, like a planetary spell and grid, reinforced by a global system of surveillance with electronic tracking Martin compared to…

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2 thoughts on “Hopi Star Knowledge and Prophecy”

  1. Thanks for sharing the Hopi Star Knowledge. We have a lot of work on ourselves to do. A lot of remembering, and a lot of right action to do .I have shared on some Telegram channels to spread the knowledge to others who are also interested, and are waking up to the shift in energies of the Earth.

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