Is Sasquatch the Hopi Maasaw? By SunBôw

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

Is Sasquatch the Hopi Maasaw? By SunBôw:

I’m re-sharing here this post from four years ago, during my last visit to Hopi lands.

Dear relatives, It is with deep gratitude in my heart that I share with you this announcement. Next week, I will be invited to speak about the Sasquatch Message to Humanity and our Elder Brother, in a Hopi cultural and language group called Changing Views, in the Hopi village of Moencopi. Tonight, we went there to meet the facilitator in his home, with his sister and an Elder, who listened to my words with open minds and shared in turn many stories and much wisdom for 3 1/2 hours, while eating piki (blue corn flaky rolls). Of course, they tested my words and conviction. They will suggest me to bring the message in their meeting next week, which gathers Elders and youths from several villages. I am…

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2 thoughts on “Is Sasquatch the Hopi Maasaw? By SunBôw”

    Thank you Sunbow Truebrother for posting this. Past few days especially yesterday heavy communications from my Sasquatch family and friends that there was awareness of their existence.
    Today will be attending a ZOOM Call meeting from a Galactic web site that represents many Star Nations.
    I wrote back on rememberance of the last discussed star family and long lapse of silence afterwards. All my words were confirmed.
    Sunbow Truebrother is correct. Sasquatch has taken the form of orbs, giant owls, Ravens & Crows etc…
    A connection I see in this posting is the comment on how Sasquatch could not save the frist world from Fire. Presently been contacted by a very powerful entity in regards to the Djinn/jinn, found in connection to the elements of being created by Fire and Smoke. My childhood friends the Canine people are very pleased with this awareness.
    To date I write and speak about the January 18 2022 Hard contact by Sasquatch and the sky display message of the upside down rainbow over the Sun. This message led me to you and 2 others with heavy connections to Sasquatch.

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