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Precious archives of Hopi Elders teaching

Precious archives of Hopi Elders teaching: These rare and precious videos archives show two renown Hopi Elders offering original and timeless sacred teachings, more actual than ever. In 1986, I had the honor and blessing of visiting both of them in their homes. The first, Grandfather David Monongye, was 117 years old when we met, yet knowledgeable and wise beyond words. He joined the ancestors the following year, leaving a world-changing legacy.

The second, Thomas Banyacya, told me his life mission was to fulfill the prophecy and open the doors of the House of Mica (UN), which he finally accomplished in 1992 with the first delegation of Indigenous spokespersons at the UN to launch the International Year of the Indigenous Peoples, followed by a Decade, extended fifteen years, that produced the UNDRIP.

My encounters with these two exceptional Elders, their teachings and that of other Hopi and Native Elders are detailed in my biographic series Contemporary Shamanic Journeys. These teachings and wisdoms have been the most precious guidance along my path, being also a Hopi by adoption, so I’m compelled to share them with those in the audience who can benefit.

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