The Sasquatch DNA Study explained

The Sasquatch DNA Study explained: In this video, researcher Scott Carpenter presents its book Truth Denied: The Sasquatch DNA Study, in which he describes and explains the discoveries and revelations of the Sasquatch Genome Project five-year study led by Dr. Melba Ketchum, with 111 carefully selected DNA samples tested in numerous independent laboratories.

A team of ten highly qualified scientists collaborated with Dr. Ketchum, following a rigorous scientific method. In this video, he covers step by step the process and the results obtained, which have been overly denied and criticized by armchair experts and mainstream narrative defenders. Despite the strict scientific process followed, this research caused many to discredit, ridicule and attack Dr. Ketchum, whose career as a brilliant scientist was brought to a brutal end. In a private communication, she confided to me that the Sasquatch were guided her telepathically during her research, but she never dared mention this publicly since even the hard evidence was denied.

The results show that the Sasquatch carry mitochondrial DNA inherited from human mothers and other nuclear DNA yet unseen and unmatched with any genome known. This makes the Sasquatch a hybrid, part Homo sapiens but also part of a totally different and still unknown species. Their DNA sequence alternates single with spliced genes, showing they have been genetically modified, just like our early human ancestors.

More details about Sasquatch origins, genetics and taxonomy are addressed in Hairy Humanoids from the Wild – Encyclopedia of All Things Sasquatch.

The video can be seen on Youtube on this LINK.

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