Canada Sasquatch Map, by Kerry Clausen Kilmury

Canada Sasquatch Map, by Kerry Clausen Kilmury:

Note by SunBôw: As another example of serendipitous synchronicity, I was chatting tonight with my old friend Patrick, with whom I had a few Sasquatch encounters and he had more on his side.

As we were saying goodbye, he sent me the link to the Canada Sasquatch Map, a comprehensive research, unique initiative and useful tool for research. As soon as I saw it, I felt like sharing it on SCENIC and started exploring it. There are pins on the map you can click on to read the different reports.

I had not been checking the map since five minutes, when someone commented on a post I had shared on a group. It was Kerry Clausen Kilmury, the creator of this very map I had just been sent and was reading. She asked me: ”Would you be okay with me putting your accounts on my Canada Sasquatch Map?”. Wow! What are the odds? There has been a series of such amazing ”sacrednicities” lately, inspiring to write a post about it shortly.

Click on this link to consult the Canada Sasquatch Map.

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