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Experiencer account by Marion Porter, from Connecticut

Experiencer account by Marion Porter, from Connecticut:

A little over two weeks ago my life changed. A friend told me about a Sasquatch that was coming to the group home she works in on 3rd shift. Other people have seen it too. We went to the area one evening and I felt its beautiful energy. I knew it was just beyond where I stopped my car, but the energy was too big for me to process and I went into mild shock. I kept apologizing and saying how I wasn’t ready to see them.

The next day I woke up and was changed. The love I felt changed me, but I was sad I failed to see them. I felt when she was telling me the story that I was being sent for. I am a shaman and love the woods. I feel if people saw how beautiful the planet was they wouldn’t destroy it. When I went to work, randomly someone came up to me wearing a shirt with a sasquatch on it!

From that night two weeks ago, I am seeing arches, exes and stump placements everywhere! I feel they are reaching out to me to help. I want to learn from them. Mind you, this is in Connecticut. I walk in the woods all over CT every day. I get excited when I see their structures and feel they enjoy my excitement. I am good with telepathic communication with spirit and started doing it in the woods. I don’t know how old these structures are, but it seems CT has them everywhere. I feel I was guided to your books by them.

SunBôw’s reply: Greetings Marion, Thank you for sharing your account with our readers on SCENIC. Indeed, they have been reaching out increasingly to more and more people in recent years. They seek people with a truthful heart, Nature’s lovers who are first willing to communicate, often gifted with spiritual or psychic skills. Once the communication is willfully engaged, it can develop very fast, at the speed of consciousness awakening. Keep paying attention to what they show you, send them your good intentions and offerings, and your connection will keep growing to higher levels. I’m glad you found my books and I hope they will bring answers on your journey.

Best blessings on your quest…

Artwork: Lantern Press

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