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Woman’s Lifelong Friendship with Bigfoot, interview

Woman’s Lifelong Friendship with Bigfoot, interview: In this interview on the Bobby Dizzle Podcast, Robin McCray tells of her lifetime connection with Sasquatch, her collaboration with Dr. Melba Ketchum for the Sasquatch Genome Project five year study, and the launch of the new Cryptid Genome Project. She describes how the Sasquatch are connected to Star Beings, some of their behaviors and interdimensional abilities like cloaking, and much more.

Click on this link to listen to the interview.

Note: SunBôw will be hosted on the Bobby Dizzle Podcast on August 31st.

Here is what she posted about the Cryptid Genome Project:

Hi everyone!

Many people are asking questions about the Cryptid Genome Project. Our donators are being given a private email. We will send them behind the scenes updates before we give them to the public , as well as an NDA. Which we are currently working on. Any donators that did not receive a email from our private donators email please contact us at the email listed in this post. We will get it taken care of immediately.

All other inquiries can be emailed to…


PLEASE, everyone be patience in our responses. We are truly blessed with the overwhelming support and kindness from everyone. Our team will respond as quickly as possible. Thank you for your continued support. Please feel free to donate. The more we raise the more samples can be tested.


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