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An Effect of DEMing

By Michael Bodewitz   I went and sat under my plum tree today listening to my flute music. The energy under my plum tree is charged. Something is different. Then I felt Balana's presence. I said hello to my old friend and we exchanged greetings. Not expecting a lesson I received more of a casual… Continue reading An Effect of DEMing



Last week the Sasquatch gave me an interesting piece of information. It is what they call DEMing. DEM was given to me by them. It stands for Dna Energetic Modification. I was then told how it works. It is performed by a certain Sasquatch that has the ability to energetically take specific codes and elements… Continue reading DEMing

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“Leave it there”

A very neat connection happened the other day. I was reading book 3 of the Sasquatch Message to Humanity and put it down. "Leave it there" said a Sasquatch I did not recognize. I said ok and left it sitting there. "I will give you a page number when you meditate" said this mysterious Sasquatch.… Continue reading “Leave it there”



"The Elders had asked Michael to withdraw himself for a period so much work could be done with him. Most of the work was energetic in nature working on his energy body mainly in the region of his third eye and crown chakra. This was done so he could receive and transmit our messages more… Continue reading Returning


The Withdraw

Hello friends. I am currently very reclusive for the time being. I have been urged by the Sasquatch to withdraw from my work for a little while so they can work with me intensely. Many things have happened so far as I was told it would happen in three stages. I have been through two… Continue reading The Withdraw