Sasquatch dancing in the sky

Sasquatch dancing in the sky This photo posted last year (origin unknown) shows what looks like a Sasquatch dancing in a northern light. They can manifest in many ways... 🙂


Happy second anniversary to SCENIC

Happy second anniversary to SCENIC, by SunBĂ´w It was on March 1st 2018 that I officially launched the SCENIC website and the Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Inter-species Communication. Since then, our network has kept expanding, reaching out to a growing number of readers. We'd like to thank our audience for your interest and support… Continue reading Happy second anniversary to SCENIC

Experiencers Stories

My life with the Bigfoot clan as they want it, video

My life with the Bigfoot clan as they want it, video by Stacey Haslett


New Australian Yowie coin 2020

New Australian Yowie coin 2020, by SunBĂ´w The subject of Yowie must be in the air, as Australia minted a new 2020 dollar coin depicting the Yowie. Although it's a caricature and it looks a little mean (resembling more like the Tasmanian Devil from Bugs Bunny), it's still cool.   This is not the first… Continue reading New Australian Yowie coin 2020


We communicated with a Yowie, video by Craig Zammit

We communicated with a Yowie, || EXCLUSIVE INFO || Way down the rabbit hole with Australian BIGFOOT, video by Craig Zammit Good morning mate. This may seem a little out if the blue but I've been seeing your posts (all over) the place and always find them interesting. You seem to know things others don't.… Continue reading We communicated with a Yowie, video by Craig Zammit