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“Leave it there”

A very neat connection happened the other day. I was reading book 3 of the Sasquatch Message to Humanity and put it down. "Leave it there" said a Sasquatch I did not recognize. I said ok and left it sitting there. "I will give you a page number when you meditate" said this mysterious Sasquatch.… Continue reading “Leave it there”


Entry into the Book of Elders

Entry into The Book of Elders: I have been having some weird feelings regarding my other life when I was a tiger in the jungle. First time was at work and I was working in my department alone. I had my meditation on as a back music and there was some drumming. After a few… Continue reading Entry into the Book of Elders


A glimpse of my life as Wakima

I got an interesting vision today in meditation. It was as my life as Wakima Sasquatch Elder. I saw a Cree medicine man performing a ceremony. He was chanting and drumming by a fire. The ceremony was for me. He was showing his desire to have me come and sit with him and share my… Continue reading A glimpse of my life as Wakima