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“Leave it there”

A very neat connection happened the other day. I was reading book 3 of the Sasquatch Message to Humanity and put it down. “Leave it there” said a Sasquatch I did not recognize. I said ok and left it sitting there. “I will give you a page number when you meditate” said this mysterious Sasquatch. An hour later I sat down to meditate and focused. Then I asked “Ok, what page number?” The voice said “125. There on that page is a message for you.” I turned to page and saw a large picture and few words. I was like great! What kind of a message will come out of the few sentences on this page? This is a picture of page 125. The text lines up perfectly with something going on in my life pertaining our Sasquatch friends and my role in it. After that I was told that the Sasquatch author was the one I was speaking to. I will probably misspell the name but it is none other then Shangraloo from Australia. Correct me if I’m wrong Kagi Taka Raven.

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