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Is Bigfoot an Alien?…

Is Bigfoot an Alien?... By Lon Strickler, Source: Pulse of the Paranormal A reader forwarded the following email to me in 2010. I thought I'd post again after recently receiving a Bigfoot sighting report in the same general area and for your comments: Hi Lon. I read your site daily and have enjoyed the personal… Continue reading Is Bigfoot an Alien?…


Paranormal Bigfoot, a new film

A new film entitled Paranormal Bigfoot by Bill and Amy Lancaster just came out, addressing different aspects of the paranormal phenomenon around Sasquatch. We do not support all views expressed, but it is definitely interesting to see such a large number of speakers coming out to talk openly about the paranormal phenomena frequently observed around Sasquatch.… Continue reading Paranormal Bigfoot, a new film


Sasquatch makes the headlines, rescues children

Sasquatch makes the headlines, rescues children. It seems like 2019 is starting with a lot of reports, including on mainstream medias. This video mentions a few from this month, including two interesting stories of Sasquatch rescuing lost children. A toddler went missing for the three coldest days in years in North Carolina, saying he stayed… Continue reading Sasquatch makes the headlines, rescues children


Moscow Yeti Causes Traffic Accident on Russian Highway (video)

Moscow Yeti Causes Traffic Accident on Russian Highway A Yeti caused an accident in the Moscow region, according to participants in this incident. The video provided by Elizaveta Urbanovich, who was injured in the traffic accident says. "You can actually notice a mysterious creature running away from the road through the forest." Watch: January 2019… Continue reading Moscow Yeti Causes Traffic Accident on Russian Highway (video)


Yowie reports from Australia

Source: The Fortean Great Yowie Stories Nothing about the Yowie phenomenon is straightforward. Reports can lead you in strange directions and ‘evidence’ is often confusing or contradictory. One case that perfectly illustrates this problem took place in the Northern Territory in August 1997. A convincing witness and terrific story but the supporting evidence is just… Continue reading Yowie reports from Australia