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Experiencer story, by Achota Brown from Arizona

Stories and photos by Achota Brown

achota brown 1

At SLC airport waiting for my flight back to Tucson. I was in Montana visiting my family. My nephew took me to Fairy Lake. It is a gorgeous lake surrounded by mountains. Once my nephew emails me the photos of the lake I will post them. (Photo: Fairy Lake)

achota Fairy_Lake

This photo is of a bouquet of flowers that were laying on the trail. The heart stone was found nearby. We left the forest friends some goodies and a large smily face ball I bought for them. My son and nephew were at this same lake last week and a large heart shaped stone was on the trail. My nephew has had communications with the forest folks also. I asked him to take me there. He fished and I just relaxed in a hammock. I loved the fresh air and beauty. Got some meditation done there too. Although I was hoping to, I did not receive mind speak. I am thrilled with the stone and bouquet and hope the forest friends left them there for us.

achota brown 2

My friends must have seen how happy I was when I received the feather the other day. They have left me yet another much appreciated gift. 5 teeny-tiny feathers were placed under a popsicle stick next to my back door. The popsicle stick I assume was one of the ones that we were communicating with making glyphs before the monsoon storms came. I stopped doing that during the storms because of the high winds and rain. This last week has dried up a lot and now we are “communicating” again.

achota brown 3

I just took a toy ball and jade stone to my gifting site in my backyard. I turned around and this feather was stuck in rock standing straight up.

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