Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, by Judith

Hi everyone.
I have lots of stories but this is one of my favorites.
I was sitting in our back bedroom meditating with my 3 little dogs sleeping on the bed with me. First I heard a big “Owl” outside my window with her big Hoo. Then I heard a little “owl” very near the window. Little hoo. I knew then it was the forest people bringing a young one along to visit me. Next I heard this foot stomping on my front deck. Lots of stomping, boom boom boom. Normally I would get up and check that out, but I was feeling too relaxed to move. My dogs would’ve been barking their heads off, but they too didn’t wake up. I realized later that we were all sedated by someone’s energy out there. It was so fun…them messing with me that way. I loved it. Interestingly my husband had just gotten in the shower and missed it all. I know they waited until he was occupied.

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