Advice to approach Sasquatch and develop communication with them

Advice to approach Sasquatch and develop communication with them, by SunBôw

I have assisted a few dozen people so far in making contact with Sasquatch, some having developed an ongoing connection. The best advice I would say is to approach them as you would approach wise Elders you would want to learn from. Ask them where they want to meet you and if they would. Most likely in a fairly remote natural area to avoid interference and allow deeper contact. It takes good intentions and a pure heart, much respect, patience, humility and Love, like approaching Elders for teachings.


They are the ones who decide if they want to connect. They know our intentions and seek pure souls to work with. Do not try to trick them or to surprise them, let them know ahead in telepathy that you are coming and want to meet them. Offerings are a sign of friendship they can recognize. Don’t give them junk food or chemical processed foods. Natural fruits, nuts, some veggies or corn, is what they appreciate. But more than any food, sacred offerings, whether crystal, stone, feathers, art piece, incense, herbs or something you would give to a precious friend, has more likely their favor.


The other things that attract them are sacred chants, ceremonies and prayers, as they read thoughts and hearts. Making ourselves ready to an encounter helps to live a greater experience. Going without fear, no weapons of course, and with Love in the heart. Always ask before taking photos. They sometimes like to show their presence on images, but they don’t like to have their pictures stolen, like any good friend or some Natives. Most encounters are not physical, but they are all potentially powerful. It is easier for us to communicate with them in the astral plane, in telepathy, in dreams, or in their invisible form, than facing them physically, which happens usually once we made friends.

I hope these few advice can help you on your quest. Your walk is unique and your way best known to your soul. We can all help each other, but we each have to walk to path to find the specific teachings meant for us. Best blessings on your respective journeys and keep us in touch…

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