Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, Anonymous

Please use anonymous and no location… it’s for the Sasquatch protection…


It was a heat wave, it was still 105° at 5:30. I headed down to the pond for a swim, much later than my usual time because of the heat. Along the way, I got into an argument with the son of one of the land partners’ wife. I finally jumped into the pond, and was floating out in the middle, and alternately berating myself for getting into it with him, and shaking my fist in his general direction saying “it’s TRUE!” Suddenly there was a sound like I’d never heard before in more than 20 years of living out here. “What was that?


I thought to myself, “sounds like nothing else”. So, because I was in the middle of the largish pond, and somewhat psychic, I sent what I call a ‘line’ up mountain to ‘feel’ what was up there. All of a sudden, I got hit with a remarkable stench wafting by. Sharp, earthy, fecal, and brief. I mused that I’d heard that scent described by people who SAID they’d encountered traces of Sasquatch. So, being me, I paddled closer to the edge of the pond, where I could get a direct line of sight up mountain. Lo and behold, just behind some tree branches that went pretty low to the ground, was a pointy head sticking up over the branches. Musta been near eight feet tall. I thought to myself, “I don’t believe in you guys” but who was i to believe, my head, or my lying eyes? Well, I took a breathe, and said out loud, “Hey, it’s really hot out. If you guys are thirsty or need to cool off, feel free to use the pond”. Then I furiously paddled back to my house to look up Sasquatch on the internet.


Well, there’s good Sasquatch stories, and bad Sasquatch stories, so now i want to know what I’m dealing with, so I take my pipe and my tobacco, and go down to the pond the next day, offered up my prayers to the four directions and asked the Sasquatch to parlay. Sasquatch, when they talk with their ‘outside’ voice sound like a Wookie. This Sasquatch asked me, Wookie-like, “why?”. I said I don’t know. Then he said with his ‘inside’ voice “Why are you so down on yourself?” I just didn’t have a good answer. Stump the psychic.


Then, using telepathy, (which i always thought was head speech, but turns out to be a kind of multi-faceted heart speech, which is able to embrace entire concepts and completely convey information) the Sasquatch SHOWED me that i was a child of God, and had a place in the Universe. I’ve been told this repeatedly, and intellectually understood the concept, but somehow this was different. It took. I took to going down to the pond most days. Sometimes the Sasquatch was there, sometimes not.


I never did think to ask his name, but once, he, or another one materialized right in front of my eyes, and grinning a big grin, honest to God, executed a little shuffle off to buffalo sidestep and wave down the top of the dam, before winking out again. He had a big wide yellow face, and it looked like reddish hair. I read on the internet after that that a Sasquatch, with a banana yellow face made the local news when he passed in front of a car escaping the local wildfires… It’s pretty interesting, I would have a Sasquatch interaction, then look it up on the net, and most often, what i’d seen was confirmed in other sightings. I got in pretty good physical shape from doing all that swimming while waiting for the Sasquatch. This payed off in many benefits, and they also gave me some eye exercises to do, because my vision was getting pretty bad.


Occasionally I could hear them tapping sticks out in the woods while i was swimming, and you could hear them walk next to you through the woods, but they were invisible. i could always tell when they were around because my heart would feel them. Once one came up on my roof. Scared the bejeezus out of me, it was too close, so i told them firmly ‘go away’. It did. (This one was a smaller one, don’t ask me how i know, i just DO. I could still hear the roof creaking under it.) The next night it came back, and before i could say “go away!” it put me to sleep. I came to with a thrumming energy passing through my body, and I had the concept “they work with infrasonics”. I had some blood work done a couple of days later. I’ve had extra wide red blood cells for years because of mycoplasmas… my blood work was actually normal!


It was my summer of Sasquatch. I would hear them, occasionally they would pass me some personal information, and sometimes I would hear them call in the woods. Winter came, and I did not see them… Spirit says they will return with warmer weather. I hope so. Perhaps I will remember to ask their name! (I’m terrible with names, mostly i forget them, which is probably why i didn’t ask in the first place, I know people’s energy. Names seem to come and go. Like the Sasquatch.

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