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Hopi Master White Bear: Teachings about the Star Kachinam. Unpublished text…

Note: White Bear (Oswald Fredericks) was one of those rare Humans I met that I can call without hesitation a master. When talking with him at times, I could see a bright white light emanating from his aura, even in broad daylight. He was the last Human representative to sit in Council with Star Elders. They were landing their ships behind his house on Prophecy Rock to pick him up and take him for flights around the ancient sacred sites of the Americas, where he was documenting and compiling petroglyphs and inscriptions, to explain them at the light of Hopi knowledge, which they received from Kachinam from the stars. In his front yard, he had a collection of old parts of space ships; he told me I would find some in a site I visited, and he was right. He was one of the main sources for the famous Book of the Hopi, by Frank Waters. I found the following article online a few years ago, as the French version of the transcript of an interview taken with White Bear. I translated it to English on 03/20/18. As far as I know, it has never been released in English yet. I know it to be authentic as I recognize many details I heard first hand from White Bear. May these important teachings help our awakening…


White Bear speaks:

Now‚ it is time to talk about our people‚ to tell you who we are and why we are here in hope that someone‚ someday‚ will understand us. Even if it is me who talks here‚ it is about the knowledge of the Hopi that you will learn. From the long‚ long history of the Hopi emerges a warning for you. You will understand later what I mean when I will tell my story. It is the reason why I am talking now. This involves us all. Maybe this warning will not come too late.

While telling the story‚ you must know that time did not have the same importance. Today‚ time seems important‚ time makes everything complicated‚ time becomes an obstacle. But‚ in the history of my people‚ time was not very important‚ nor for Creator Himself. What truly counts is the beauty that we create in our lives‚ the way we accomplish our duties and responsibility towards Creator. Material things of this world are of little importance for the Hopi‚ as you will notice when you visit me and you will see how we live our story.

When you will be with my people‚ in our villages‚ you will start to understand that these old women and men‚ who make the actual story‚ will never forget the ancient history that is written in their hearts. And as the story was revealed to me‚ I will now try to transmit it as faithfully as possible


We can summarize all this in two statements. The Divine Creator told us : “If you are my children, you must not use your knowledge to submit‚ destroy‚ kill or make a wrong use of what I have given you. If you do not respect this law‚ you are not my children.”


Our people had knowledge comparable to that of Atlantis‚ but they use it only for useful and good purposes. As I have already told you‚ we had studied the secrets of nature‚ the power of Creator in the living things.

My people did not defend itself when we were attacked. And they were right!

If this seems strange to you‚ look at what the Hopi do today. The government of the United States gave us a reservation. Do you realize? Then they came to cut off some pieces. Our country‚ they reduced it more and more. But we did not defend ourselves by force. Each time the government does this‚ we say: “it is not right”‚ as we have asked Creator. We know that we will not be destroyed‚ it is them who will be first.


Kachinam (plural for Kachina or Katsina) can be visible‚ but sometimes they are also invisible. They come from space. They do not come from our solar system‚ but from very distant planets. It would take our astronauts several generations to reach there. The Hopi name for those planets is Tóónátakha‚ it means that they are close from one another‚ not in the physical sense but in the spiritual sense‚ because all their inhabitants have the same responsibility‚ they all work closely together. This is why we can translate the word by “Confederation of planets”. Since we know that they are twelve planets‚ we could say as well “Confederation of twelve planets”.

Kachinam can move very rapidly and‚ while I pronounce this sentence‚ they can travel over long distances. They need only a few seconds; their ships fly with a magnetic force‚ even when they orbit the Earth.


Kachinam come from a distant planet‚ and when they leave us they return there. The men who perform the dances represent wise beings of different ranks that visited us long ago.

There are three kinds of Kachinam. The first take care of the continuity of life (survival). In our dances‚ they appear in the middle of winter when‚ in nature‚ all life rests. They offer us the guarantee that life will return and continue. And as reincarnation is part of the continuity of life‚ this means that we will be born again and that we will have the possibility to improve.

The second group is made of the teachers. We learn from them who we are and where we are‚ what are the influences that we can endure and what we must do.

The third group represents the keepers of the law. We can also call them “those who warn us‚ who awaken us”‚ as they have been talking to us for a long time‚ but a day will come when they will not warn us anymore‚ but instead they will punish us for all the evil that we will have done.

Children were born following mystical relations between our women and the Kachinam. I will tell you later the legends that explain these facts. Our people could touch the Kachinam‚ so there was a physical proximity between the Kachinam and human beings. But‚ even if this looks strange‚ there was never sexual intercourse. Children were conceived in a mystical way. Such children‚ when they grew up‚ had a great knowledge and a great wisdom‚ and even sometimes supernatural powers that they had received from their spiritual father. They were always magnificient persons‚ powerful‚ who were always ready to help and never to destroy.

Kachinam are physical beings‚ that is why they need ships to travel in our skies and to return on their planets. The space ships have different sizes and names. One of them is Patoowa‚ “the object that can fly above water”. Pahu means water in our language‚ and Toowata is an object with a curved surface. Because of this shape‚ we also call it “flying shield”.

I will tell you what it look like. If we cut a gourd in two‚ we get a shape that has the aspect of a cup or a saucer; if we assemble two of those parts‚ we obtain the shape of a ship that was used long ago to reach those planets. When we are sitting inside‚ we can move in all directions without falling‚ no matter what is the speed. As it has this shape‚ we call it Inioma.

Among the Hopi‚ we know that some of us have flewn in those ships and that those ships were as well used in other countries‚ since the Atlanteans came to our lands in those ships.

Near Oraibi there is a petroglyph representing a woman in a flying shield. The arrow is a symbol of great speed. The woman wears the hairdo of a married woman.

The two halves are held together by “reins”. The one who drive the ship must activate these “reins”. When he moves it to the right‚ the ship rises‚ when he turns it to the left‚ it goes down. The ship has no engine like airplanes and they need no fuel. It flies in a magnetic field. We must only know the right altitude. If we want to go east‚ we choose a certain altitude‚ if we want to go north‚ we choose another altitude‚ etc. It only takes to rise to the height corresponding to the chosen direction and the ship will fly in the desired current. In this way‚ we can reach anywhere within our atmosphere‚ but we can also leave Earth. It is very simple !


We say also that the Earth has shifted several times‚ I mean that the north pole was at the place where the south pole actually is and vice versa. Today‚ poles are inverted, the true north pole is found at the place of the south pole and the true south pole is in the north. But‚ in the Fifth World‚ that will change again‚ and the poles will be in their true locations. Each time‚ the Earth shifted completely from north to south and not only half way‚ otherwise there would be too much harm and it was not the intention of Creator. During Topka‚ the Second World‚ the Earth shifted only half way and everything froze.


This is now our new continent‚ Tóówákachi‚ the Fourth World. The word means “the beautiful land for all people”. We know that we are the first people who have come here and that Creator promised us that we would be alone here‚ among ourselves‚ for a long time. With this Fourth World‚ we are at the middle of the duration of Earth and Humanity. We are in the fourth in a total of seven worlds that we must go through. Three are behind us‚ three are ahead of us. This fact is expressed in our sacred ceremonies as well as in the ruins found in Mexico and in South America. As far as time goes‚ we have already passed the middle of the seven worlds‚ as the duration of each world to come is shorter.


All of this happened a long time ago‚ as the arrival of those who came on flying shields happened 80,000 years ago. We have a very simple way to speak of long periods of time: a Soomody means 1,000 years‚ Soo means star and you know how many stars there is! 4,000 years are only four Soomody and there are 80 Soomody since the migration started.

Those who arrived could not settle in this region which was not vast. In this region‚ we had to live together. This shows why my people is sure that we were the first ones‚ the only ones on this continent. There are tribes in America that came much later‚ because the ice had melted in the north… Long before all this happened‚ Creator had shown the planets to us. He made us this wonderful offer after having created us as living creatures. But we have failed‚ we have not followed the instructions He had given us‚ we have not respected His law. That is why we first had this little piece of land so we could learn to control our feelings and live together.


When we left the ruins of the destroyed city‚ some Kachinam were assigned to boys and girls that were not yet born. These children were chosen to transmit to true memory of the events of the past. This happened very often in our history. The child receives the knowledge as he/she is in the womb of his/her mother. Sometimes‚ it is the mother that receives it, so that all her thoughts can penetrate the child before its birth. For this reason‚ the child does not need anymore to learn later‚ it only takes to remind him/her that knowledge that he/she has received before birth. All that I am telling you did not happen like this in a short time. Many thousands of years have passed since the beginning of the migration. But the teachings of the Kachinam allowed us to maintain our traditions and our memory. Oftentimes‚ at the speed of a lightning‚ the Kachinam would go visit Creator to inform Him of our progress on Earth. And‚ as I have already said‚ some of us had reached a high level and had become close to the Kachinam‚ so the latter were allowing them to accompany them in their flights.


When we left the ruins of the destroyed city‚ the Kachinam erased the memories of all those who stayed‚ and that of the future generations. Thus‚ all those who‚ later‚ lived near the ruins‚ did not have the slightest idea of what had happened before. Of those that left‚ only the Hopi knew the truth.


In this ceremony‚ we show a group accompanied by four Kachinam: the first walks in front‚ the following ones on each side‚ and the last one walks behind the group. The Kachinam who walk in front and behind are high ranking Kachinam‚ deities called Sólawúchim. Só means “stars”‚ la means “containing something” and wuchim signifies “to be elected”. The name can thus be translated as “the stars that hold the secret knowledge”.

The two Sólawúchim hold in their left hand a bow and carry on their shoulder a quiver of jaguar skin to show their power and their force. The blackline across their face‚ hiding the eyes‚ distinguish them as the keepers of secret knowledge of their original lands. The black and white ornaments at their neck show that they know the celestial bodies. The blue paint on their mocassins signifies that they are initiates who come from very far‚ beyond the stars. The one wearing the jaguar skin is the chief‚ the one wearing a horn on the right side of the head walks behind the group and he is the second chief. The diamond patterns of blue color on the horn show the electric or electromagnetic force which unifies their original planets.

The Kachinam walking on the side are of an inferior rank. It is important that the deities and the Kachinam are part of the Bow clan‚ because this shows that the Bow clan has known the same events as the Bear clan. The Sun clan and the Coyote clan also have the same traditions‚ but only the Bow clan‚ whose tradition is the most complete‚ celebrates the ceremony of “the ancient ones who came from heaven”.


The conch instruments also emitted magnetic waves. They talked very seriously of the waves and the sound of the conch. When the clan was resting at night‚ the Kachinam would rise like stars above the jungle and their lights protected people from wild beasts. I would like to add that the bows of the Kachinam served only for protection‚ the Hopi did not kill animals to feed themselves. In Táotoóma‚ the Kachinam had asked them to reduce their meat consumption and to rather feed on plants‚ as this would increase their level of spiritual knowledge. The Kachinam stayed with the people of the Bow clan until they arrived in Palátquapi.


When the clans were still migrating in today’s South America and Mexico‚ long before the foundation of Oraibi by the Bear clan‚ many wanted to gather again. They remembered the time of the disaster in South America and the destruction of their first city and they wanted‚ again‚ to live in harmony with Great Spirit Táioowa. They had not obeyed Him and had spread out in all directions. Under the influence of the Kachinam‚ they were now determined to return on the righteous path. Those of the chiefs who still could use their third eye‚ gathered the clans to establish a cultural center with a high level of spiritual knowledge. Each Hopi remembers that place. I believe that no Hopi could ever forget that city that was built and that had the name Palátquapi. In our language‚ this means “red city”. According to my grand-mother‚ Palátquapi was the first big city in the middle part of the western hemisphere. The groups that did not come in this center got more and more lost and started to venerate the Sun as their god and kept doing it. I would like to add further that the Bear clan had‚ since a long time‚ travel across that country to reach North America to claim this country for us.

We have found the place where was that big city. It is now called Palenque and it is in the Mexican State of Chiapas. It was a large community. It was not built by slaves‚ but rather‚ it was not difficult. The foundation of those works was based in the spiritual domain. Everything that was done in this community was done for spiritual purposes. People had experienced what had happened in their first city and wanted to prove to themselves that‚ this time‚ they would do better. It was like if they wanted to redeem themselves. It was in this way that this city was built and that people of very high levels gathered there. Furthermore‚ the relations and the possibilities of alliances with the Kachinam were renewed.


In the Ninth World‚ there will be no more differences of races. You could take my skin color and me yours‚ we do not know‚ but there will be no more different races. We must work with Spirit and everything will be perfect. What the Christians talk about – the angels and all those people who play harp – it will not exist. Our Creator is not lazy.

That is all‚ concerning the learning and teaching. The building itself‚ in its stepped construction‚ from the ground to the last level‚ represented for us all the growing knowledge‚ the ascension towards superior levels of spirit‚ the growing understanding of the miracles of our world. According to our tradition‚ a similar building existed as well in Táotoóma.


The teachings were given by the Kachinam. Creator was kept informed of our progress as He was in relation with the Kachinam by transmission of thoughts. The choice of the people who could go in that school was also decided by the Kachinam‚ since they were the ones who designated children before their birth for such a life of learning‚ of devotion and of renouncement. That is why only the Kachinam were able to designate those who could rise on a higher level and finally reach the last level of this Great School of life. Few among them reached the goal. Those who succeeded were in perfect harmony with the Divine Creator‚ that is why I would call them “great holy people”.


All those people who consecrate all their time to important tasks‚ walking on a narrow path‚ face many dangers and temptations. But here has always been some people who reach that elevated level. Today‚ such a person is called Náquala‚ which means counselor or benefactor‚ and this shows their renouncement and devotion in life and their duties towards their people as a guide. Such a person does not let themsleves be led astray from their path of truth.

To all those who have reached this goal‚ the Kachinam granted them the favor of not being obligated to die; they could leave our Earth without being dead. This existed in the city of Táotoóma (Tiahuanaco). Those people really left us with their human bodies and departed for a planetary system that we do not know.

The Kachinam encouraged us to learn much to be able to reach the highest levels. They were always reminding us that life was ahead of us and that we must never forget what we have learned in this Great School. They told us also that one day‚ in the future‚ there will be again disasters and that we must do everything to stay close from the divine power.


During centuries‚ people in Palátquapi stayed on the righteous path. Everywhere harmony ruled. After a certain time‚ some clans started to leave to go settle further. The further the new colonies were moving, the less they had contacts with our teachers the Kachinam. The people who had reached the highest levels in our Great School were sent as delegates in these new colonies. They used their third eye to choose the young people to whom they could transmit their knowledge. But‚ finally‚ many of the colonies lost contact with our guides and left the righteous path.


The clans that left from Palátquapi built many cities. Some ruins of those cities have been found‚ but more will be discovered in the future‚ there will thus be more proofs of our tradition. The capital of the Bow clan was the great center of Tikal. They found there a sculpture of a stone head with a snake in the mouth. It is the deity Saáviki. I will tell you later a story about him.


The Snake clan and the Bow clan – the parts of these clans that had left Palátquapi – started fighting. Finally‚ the wars had for consequence the complete destruction of the cities. The continuous attacks against divine laws caused such a perversion and chaos in the whole region that people simply did not want to live there anymore. Everything was degraded and nobody could correctly fulfill their religious obligations. They could not do anything else than to start on a new migration. Some of these clans settled here‚ in Shungópovi‚ then in Oraibi‚ and finally in Hotevilla. That is why in Hotevilla‚ still today‚ each year in February happens the celebration of the Feathered Serpent.

During those terrible times in Palátquapi and in Yucatán‚ the Kachinam left us. It is since those times that they have not been anymore with us and all we can do is take their example. When they left, they told us: “ From now on‚ you can count only on yourselves. ”

Maybe you are asking yourself how come this disaster could fall upon Palátquapi and the Yucatán in spite of the presence of the Kachinam. I can tell you that each time‚ in the past‚ that something like that happened‚ it was not the plan of the Kachinam but of humans. The Kachinam have warned them‚ but most people wanted to conquer and make wars. They did not listen to the teachings and advice and continued to transgress the law of Creator. It is the reason for which many clans and people were destroyed. When the clans were really waging wars‚ the Kachinam did not get involved. They did not want to get involved because the Earth belongs to Humans. It is Humans who are responsible and decide of their own actions. What Humans have done‚ they did it by themselves‚ and they will face the consequences. But the day for justice is not here yet. Only today‚ in our time‚ Humanity is approaching the time of punishment.


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