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Dream of Sasquatch and Star Elders on Mother Ship, by SunBôw

I had this dream and wrote it down two years ago, around this time.

I’ve had a series of related dreams and have been waking up almost daily with images and memories. In those dreams, I find myself inside a huge mother ship, in a circular hall so vast that it extends beyond the eyes can reach. From a visit to the next one in this particular place, I get to see glimpses and catch more and more details of the surroundings. In my last dream today I could see that the gigantic circular walls are lined with galleries and covered with thousands of lights resembling windows. They reach higher than the eye can see, curving inward into a dome shape.

These concave walls also curve inward laterally, surrounding a huge open central toroidal hall, wider than tall, so vast that I couldn’t see all the way across. It appears like this interior space port is several miles in diameter. The whole place is filled with a bright yet soft ambient light of a pale sky-blue hue. There are different types of small star ships flying through that vast open space, coming in and out of the mother ship through a large circular opening at the bottom and docking at wharves on the perimeter.

In the dreams, I find myself sitting on the perimeter of that immense interior space port inside the ship, on what seems to be the bottom floor, shining itself with a soft sea-blue glow, and being made of squarish sections about one meter wide, with a round spot light about one foot across in the middle of each section. The whole floor is made of a crystal-like light-diffusing matter, resembling thick glass.

I sit in front of a large screen, about 12 to 15 feet (3-4 m) in height and width, covering most of my eyesight. The screen is lit with this same soft blue turquoise glow that lights and fills the whole ship, with slight variations in the hues. Apart from this ever present blue light, the other visible colors are from the thousands of lights covering the dome shaped hall, like stars in the sky, and from the several smaller space crafts flying around in the distance. This blue light has healing and therapeutic properties.

This piezoelectric blue light is made of a huge quantity of highly charged free flowing ions, constantly regenerating organic tissues, nervous influx and electromagnetic fields, providing health and wellness. Its density gets much higher towards the core of the torus shaped ship, where it concentrates in a thick shining tubular beam of bright blue haze through which the eye can’t see, used as a wormhole for ships.

There I am schooled and taught about different types of Star People. I see a face appear on the screen of a specific species, with star systems charts, maps of their worlds, images of ships they use, examples of their scripts and writings, while general information about their history, behaviors or missions are conveyed to me through telepathy. I’m asked to be very attentive, as the information is dowloaded too rapidly for my conscious memory to remember every details, to be processed later when time is right.

My teachers are sitting behind me and I don’t look at them, being concentrated on the images they show me on the screen, while listening to the teachings transmitted in telepathy, to assimilate their messages. But I can see in my spirit eye their shapes and essence. Some are Sasquatch, others are Star Elders.

It’s been several days now that I wake up from this recurent vivid dream with images and memories, always similar in context, yet always different in details, as far as to what I’m taught with every visit. Whether just a dream made of imagination and subconscious memories or fantasies, or else a real out of body experience on the astral travel level, is not mine to choose, but it certainly has been interesting.

I felt like sharing this with those of you who might relate or have similar dreams-experiences to share…

1 thought on “Dream of Sasquatch and Star Elders on Mother Ship, by SunBôw”

  1. I enjoyed the details of your dream(s), particularly the blue light. It’s as if I experience this light myself. 🙂
    I too am very active in dreamstate and have countless dreams with the Sasquatch people, crafts, ET’s….other lifetimes lived/living, and people from inner Earth. It’s a magical and mystical, educational and so very rejuvenating and healing time, the dreamtime. Thank you Sun Bow for creating this place to share.

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