Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story with Native tribes, by Sam Reese from WA and BC

Note: Sam Reese was a good medicine brother loved by many, whom I met in a couple of gatherings. He wrote some of his Sasquatch story on a public thread three years ago around this time, while I was still finding out who are the Sasquatch People. The following summer, in late August 2015, he was planning to come from WA and visit me with friends in BC, when we learned that the day before the planned visit, he passed to the Spirit world. In honor of his beloved memory, I’m sharing here some of his Sasquatch stories with Native tribes, as I’m sure he would have agreed to it. Thanks brother Sam…


Sasquatch! That’s my long house name in old Musqueam, that Percy gave me. And Tommy took me out to the mountain by Mission, BC, where they come through quite often. The gentle People of the Forest had to track a serious one who was placed on guard once. It took a lot of cantaloupe to get him to settle down so he could go back home. The two we called in a standoff helped us prune a few egos down a bit. They are like gardeners in a way. They are kinda legendary imaginary beasts most think, in reality I share they are good and loyal friends. They don’t smoke or drink though, unless it’s clear mountain water. That’s his Chinook name: Sasquatch.

The folks from the Harrison Hot Springs area, into the interior, also call him Synicum: ‘Old Man of the Forest’. In some places, the capstone on the sweat is called ‘The Old Man’ for that reason. Lots of respect for a mythical beast! Funny!

When I was supporting one of my friends, when he did vision quest, he remembered the cantaloupe and took one to sit outside his circle. Three of them came and shared it. When he came back off the mountain, we stopped at a campground. There was half a peanut butter sandwich sitting there, not stale or anything, and no one had been there for quite a while. Things like that can drive ya nutz. Trying to find reason, so we just figured they liked the cantaloupe and left us an offering. Strange mythical creatures that we are! On the way out on the highway the local news was saying all over that part of the province, there had been sightings of two or three of them. The cantaloupe smell must really be attractive.

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