SCENIC 6th week report

SCENIC 6th week report

After our first six weeks, SCENIC website is reaching 9000 views by 3000 visitors from around 50 countries, with nearly 70 subscribers. We published over 120 posts, shared on a daily basis.

We welcomed three more editors who have joined on our team with SunBôw: Kelly Lapseritis, Georgeanna De Carlo, and Kalia Diya, who has shared great channeled messages from the Star Elders.

To donate to Kalia and support her work:

To send your experiences, articles and messages to be posted on our site, click on ‘submit story’ button:

SunBôw has started writing a new book of channeled teachings entitled Sasquatch Multidimensional Shamanism. Like for The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 1: Conversations With Elder Kamooh, and Book 2: Interdimensional Teachings From Our Elders, this new book will be published online as the chapters are completed and made available for free reading, before being turned into paperback and e-books for sale.

This is not the usual way authors proceed to monetize their work, as the great majority do not let their writings be made freely available to the public, but the Sasquatch Elders have asked to make the teachings easily available for whoever is interested to read and learn. This is an offering to Humanity in an act of faith, trusting that this book will be appreciated and valued.

To read ”Sasquatch Multidimensional Shamanism”, Introduction:

Chapter 1: Origins

In the first week of May, SunBôw is invited to do a presentation about Sasquatch Shamanism at the Sacred Circle of the Great Mystery gathering, in Squamish on the coast, across the province. Link:

To support SunBôw during the redaction of this new book, while keeping the website active, and to help with traveling expenses to deliver the message in events, please send your donations via Paypal:

Or via our fundraiser:

We are truly grateful and sincerely thank all who contribute, support and sponsor us, or help us in any way in our ongoing work in cosmic disclosure. If you like our results this far, please show appreciation.

Best blessings to all living beings…

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