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The Great Sasquatch Controversy: Angels or Demons? (or simply People?)

By Kelly Lapseritis and SunBôw (originally posted in May 2016)


The Great Sasquatch Controversy: Angels or Demons? (or simply People?)

Kelly wrote:

There are many legends and encounters documented throughout history and many cultures of giant hairy hominids. Although they are known by hundreds of different names, for the sake of this post, we will call them the Sasquatch People. No matter where they come from or how they look, the Sasquatch are people and just like us Humans, they are neither good nor bad in nature. There is long history of reports of the Sasquatch being gentle giants who are spiritual psychics and caretakers of Mother Earth or being blood-thirsty cannibals, and everything in between. Well, there were human tribes in America, Africa, New Guinea and probably around the world at some time, that have practiced cannibalism. Does that make the Humans a race of evil cannibals too?

Many researchers in the Bigfoot Community debate over personalities, habits, and history of the forest people which is senseless in trying to categorize an entire group of people. There are certain physical aspects that are more common in some races than others but that still has no bearing on our soul or intentions. A perfect example would be to say that everyone with dark skin is from Africa or everyone with almond-shaped eyes are from China when we know there are many diversities in every country, culture, providence, state, city, neighborhood, and family… no two people are alike nor can be compared with another, nor is an entire race responsible for the actions of individual souls.

The wisdom and messages from our Elders shared through this group, page, the Sasquatch Message to Humanity, and Kewaunee Lapseritis’ books (‘The Psychic Sasquatch’ and ‘The Sasquatch People’), are from the benevolent beings that we have been blessed to have a connection with. Many people oppose these messages and warn of false prophets or demons sent to falsify religious truth while others report them to be great healers and angelic guides.

Haloti, an Ancient One that befriended Kewaunee in 2005, shed some light when asked about a bad-vibe hairy person named Damos who tried to trick his friend Sandy whom was researching with him along with her partner Mike. Haloti replied that Damos was a Shampe with evil power who tried to trick her so that he could mate with her.


SunBôw wrote:
“Studying the various different accounts from Native oral traditions, we see that the cases of cannibal Sasquatch are found mainly in specific areas, where most likely some individuals or tribes have turned that way, maybe in reaction to being chased and warred upon, or in isolated cases.

An interesting historic example reported in the late 1700s tells of children being stolen from a Pawnee village, somewhere in the Midwest. After some time the Pawnee warriors pursued then and finally killed three hairy giants with much difficulty and many bullets. There were 17 skeletons of children they had eaten there.

When I published my book on Native legends in 2003, I mistook the Sasquatch for the Windigo, an evil hairy cannibal giant of the Anishnabe legends. It was Grandfather Commanda who told me that Misabe is the name of the Big People, while Windigo is a cannibal, also described as an interdimensional hairy giant of the woods. They are called Genoskwa in Ontario and are described in the same way, as hairy cannibal giants.

In the NW territories, the Bush Men are also depicted as cannibals and hairy giants, feared and avoided by Natives. The Hopi have the Shalako, a tall hairy cannibal ogre. In BC, where Sasquatch is very present in the lore, they describe both aspects. Tsonokwa is a cannibal Sasquatch-like being that steals children and eat people.

But they also have many stories of encounters with Sasquatch, some including abductions, where no one was hurt. Many clans proudly claim some ancestry from them. But in general, they tell the children not to go alone in the woods, especially at night, for fear of meeting Tsonoka, while it is said that the Sasquatch should be left alone. Natives avoid places where they are known to live.

But in many tribes’ teachings across the continent, there are stories of how the Sasquatch has magical power and can be a great teacher of medicine for shamans. They are called Elder Brother and said to be wise and spiritual.

In my encounter with Sheelah (a female Sasquatch that I met in 2016), when I heard the hiss and growl and saw the red eyes, I knew I was better to stay away. But as she has been sent to me by the Elders who knew what they were doing, it turned into a healing experience, for her and for me. This made me understand that some Sasquatch may be hurt and angry at Humans.

If I had reacted with fear and hatred or had tried to shoot her, I probably wouldn’t be here to tell the story. But since I had connected with her people before, I understood that her soul was hurt and angry at Humans and she needed help for her to understand that not all Humans are evil, just like once we have met a good Sasquatch, we know that not all of them are evil, dangerous, nor to be feared.

Then there are some of their kind that have been genetically modified and implanted, or controlled by other means by the lower lords, just like some Humans are.

Not all Sasquatch are wise shamans nor very spiritually advanced beings, just like us Humans, and that’s why we should be careful not to idealize them as a perfect race.

My first question to Kamooh was to help me understand what had caused so much fear and stories of violence between his people and ours. So he explained in length and details that some had acted under anger and revenge during warring times and that some have fallen under the control of the lower lords. I believe that the ones under control have been released to cause confusion and fear and to prevent our reunification with their people.

Those among them who are acting as bridgers and interspecies ambassadors are only a few, mainly Elders and shamans, just like those among us who take part in the same process. We couldn’t send guys like Donald Trump to represent our species towards them, just like there are some rogue and brutal individuals among them.

The ultimate purpose of the reconnection of our people with theirs is our mutual healing, both for us and them. But I believe the majority of Sasquatch have kept connected to their greater Soul and spiritual mission, as opposed to Humanity that has been led astray since long.”


Kelly wrote:

To date, Kewaunee Lapseritis has documented 359 people that have had friendly encounters and telepathic communication with the Sasquatch People. This does not include the thousands of others that have not reported it or spoken to him personally. I myself have spoken to over 70 communicators that Kewaunee has not, and many other “spokespersons” of the Sasquatch are documenting and counseling others with their experiences. This phenomenon continues to grow at a fast pace, and all communicators report the same type of messages of Love, Peace, Respect, and Ancient Wisdom.

As time progresses and the veil thins, we are hearing about many more encounters, sightings, visions, and telepathic communication with many beings and spirits from people all over the world. We will hear more and more about impossible beautiful miracles and ugly destructive agendas from all angles of the multi-dimensional spectrum. Many of them will be true (except for many mainstream media outlets who are purposefully sharing disinformation to mislead and confuse those seeking spiritual truth), and many of them will be smoke-screens, so we must rely on our own inner-knowing and intuition on the personal actions and reactions that we display.

The best advice to give is to follow your heart and keep faith in your own higher-self and knowing. Most here are sensitive to the energies around us and can feel the difference between a high and low vibration/energy in our environment. Trust your intuition, and if it doesn’t feel right, walk away and say a prayer for protection. Instead of fear, send love to them instead. It is those that show it the least whom need it the most. All beings and life forms deserve our respect and understanding, it is only through unconditional love that we can resolve these differences and make peace with each other as SunBôw and the Sasquatch named Sheelah experienced last week.

The Sasquatch People do not care to connect with curiosity or thrill-seekers, only those that wish to evolve into higher spiritual peaceful inter-species relations with all life forms. If you choose to call on them and seek them out for this purpose, it is a very good possibility that you will develop your own relationship with them. Likewise, if your agenda is to hunt, kill, exploit, or stroke your ego with a sasquatch encounter or ‘proof’, beware, because you may get back exactly what you put out.

“He who wants a rose must respect the thorn.” – Persian Proverb

2 thoughts on “The Great Sasquatch Controversy: Angels or Demons? (or simply People?)”

  1. people, please believe everything Kelli and Kewaunee talk about.
    I myself have sasquatch around me daily, I am from across the pond a place called MANCHESTER ENGLAND
    they speak the truth and only the truth, regarding Sasquatch anyway,
    there great with Sasquatch but not so very nice to me, I show them nothing but respect but when I have emailed them or asked for any info or guidance they don’t want to no me or help me, I just don’t understand their attitude towards me


    1. Well Stephen, you have to understand that there are hundreds of people writing to them and to me, many with requests, questions, demands and expectations. I can’t talk for them but I know that, like me, they have been helping many more people than you can imagine. Yet no one has to or should be coerced into offering support, advice and answers. Everyone has their own personal issues in their life to take care of and their own responsibilities to attend. With such an attitude and expressing your frustration publicly when your demands and expectations are not met, it is easy to understand why they are not. Ask yourself what have you offered or done for them and for this website. Service work is not owed, it’s a gift and you must be worthy to receive with an attitude of gratitude…


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