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They have kept landing, new videos

By SunBôw


They have kept landing on the mountain overlooking this part of the valley. With a low grade camera with poor night vision, these images are not meant to be evidence for the skeptics. I didn’t record all the five landings observed since a week, usually followed by smaller lights coming down our side of the mountain. Some of the footage is poor quality and doesn’t show much either, so I selected a few of the best excerpts for this video.

If you have doubts and think this is Venus or a star, as some suggested, please explain how come the lights are seen on our side of the mountain instead of setting behind.

Or, how come it did not show up for a couple nights, as star and planets normally do around the same place and time? Why does it come down vertically and curves its course horizontally along the ridge, to be seen flying through the trees and shining on them?

For the first time tonight, I saw the ship take off around 11 pm and slowly fly across the valley to a famous mountain known for its portals and high UFO activity. It is on that mountain that the four fasters with whom we did sweat lodges went on their vision quest last week. One of them reported hearing Sasquatch calls twice and another one said he had an encounter even ‘more than that’, but we will know their full stories only in the next sweat lodges happening here in a few days, the fourth one in a week.

Sasquatch and Star Elders have been busy reactivating magnetic lines and Earth vortex, creating protective and healing energy fields in some selected areas, and they are asking us to open portals and build bridges with them to help in the great healing of our planet and reconnect with our greater Cosmic Family into higher consciousness as care takers.

More messages are being received than linear time can allow to transcript for now. There are messages that are meant for all open minded souls and seekers of good heart, but some information is rather addressed to an inner circle of advanced healers and interspecies communicators, to reestablish Humanity into the Council of Star Elders.

We will keep you updated through this network to the best of our ability as time allows. We encourage all experiencers to please share your stories for our collective education.

Thanks and blessings to all our relations in our Greater Cosmic Family…


6 thoughts on “They have kept landing, new videos”

  1. thats so cool bc totally me too like two nights ago I saw the same verticle ship/light come down and curve horizontally and move low just above the trees on the ridge and make a sharp turn and repeated itself and there was a sasquatch in this area about a month ago! 😵😵 crazZzy . I just hope if it was aliens, that they are the ones on sasquatches side.. bc you know how some aliens can be.. quick to target and pew. :-/ Even worse than humans from what I hear. that the aliens in those ships will manipulate,trick, deceive, poison, shoot,burn, blow up, even abuse sasquatches with less thought or empathy than a human will. and that says a lot! :-/ .World°Peace. and intergalactic love 👍

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    1. Yes indeed. You can feel the vibes of whoever you meet. If the Sasquatch are around, it’s a good sign, as our Elders Brothers have been watching over us and they work for the Cosmic Order…


  2. I heard aliens even exploit them. idk if the use the WWW too or what but I’m sure they do :-/ no security can decifer an alien from a computer or person these days. what if the aliens use the www to post pics or tale stories of their sasquatch enounters in detail w other heatless illintended aliens :-/ thatd be so sad and make tje sasquatch feel very exploited and used. “to be more popular” some reason is ringing in my ears… in a voice.. a very strange voice. yet in English. 💘 gota love them anyways! 😃

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  3. pardon typos :-/ I am a human hehehe we make mistakes on RARE occasions. 😇 please reply when able with insight elders.. for I couldn’t locate the expierancer stories link from the wordpress app I finally downloaded. do I need view pages from their own website rather than from the wordpress app? thank you, I am always still learning 🙂

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