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Experiencer story, by Stellina, from Oregon

Note: The following account is from a long time friend and ET contactee.

”Thank you. I’ve been off grid. They are HUGE and sound like drunken Japanese! I’ve had 3 encounters, thankful they didn’t harm me. I suppose they were curious and decided I was not a threat to them. .🙂

”I camp alone and was beginning to feel like a squatch magnet. Once they raided my camp even unzipping my tent. I found out later I was hit with infrasound. I couldn’t understand how I fell asleep with all the commotion and especially after unzipping my tent. One started yelling at the one who unzipped my tent and it didn’t enter… I believe the bigger one just wanted me to sleep… I felt the rumble throughout my whole body and fell right asleep…  I don’t fear them… Sasquatch don’t scare me. But people do.

”He had a human face and the look he gave me was compassion. He knew I was shocked.I will never forget the look in his eyes. It touched my soul.

”I have been obsessed with them since this last encounter and hope to see them again. My children worry for me, but I believe I will see them. Most people never see them and I feel blessed to have seen them 3x. They stayed around my campsite for the whole month and I want to go back… Please keep the location secret. I don’t want people bothering them. ❤

”This was taken near ‘XXXXXXXXXXX’. I heard the chatter and used my cellphone in the direction the chatter was coming from. I couldn’t see and didn’t expect to get a pic…


”I’m so glad to be able to talk about this with someone who doesn’t think me crazy…  and felt nobody to turn to for advice. You are a much needed blessing in my life at this time. Much love and many blessings. Thank you for listening 🙂Now: I feel much relieved. 🙂 ❤ Thank you. Blessings. ❤



5 thoughts on “Experiencer story, by Stellina, from Oregon”

  1. I absolutely believe and agree with you- they chose to interact or not. What you may not know yet- they can locate you wherever you are and if you ask, they may come for a visit. I think they can travel dimensionally- so distance is not an issue. Feel free to send me a msg anytime 🙂

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    1. You are right. That’s exactly the info we have been disclosing with this SCENIC global network, through this website, books, groups, pages, events and videos, having shared over 100 first hand experiencers accounts on here so far. Thanks for joining our network…

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  2. I agree as well how they can and do visit certain people anywhere, anytime. They interact with me through Dreamtime frequently. They say I am most receptive that way, it works best for me. However I have had some very interesting occurances while at work. (I work noc shifts) where they have slapped the side of the house 3 different times, left perfect footprint one rainy night right next to me where I stood admiring the rain, in a dry area of course. I have had visitations by a female twice and 3 males once. Why it happens at work only, I don’t know. Because its night and I am alone?
    I am on the outskirts of a town next to a mountainrange, wondering why on earth would they come here in town? But later understood they can visit you anywhere.
    Thank you for your story. I understand the “obsession”. I love these people and can’t get enough of them. I get out into the deep forests, craving to be closer to them. But that is an illusion. They are always near me, they say. I know this now.

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  3. Wow I just love your close encounter story.
    I too am a squatch magnet & have done the same thing as u!!
    I have KY Bigfoot haunts, on FB & YouTube.
    Plus have a couple more on FB shared with friends.
    But I ve also had my tent, with a large arm reaching inside for me twice.
    I slapped near the door & told him no,no!!
    I don’t fear them either. I don’t trust people out there either.
    They was aggressive only once because of a teenage, youngling close by.
    I’ve had countless encounters since 1977 when I was 14. I’ve seen 5 squatches. Please send me a friend request.
    Thanks for reading

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