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Small Sasquatch tree art structure we found today, 12/23/18

By SunBôw

Small Sasquatch tree art structure we found today, 12/23/18

Eric was visiting this weekend for our winter solstice full moon community sweat lodge ceremony and we drove around the valley today. After being turned back by a foot of snow on the way to a place we never reached, we ended up at the spot where I had an encounter a year ago and we found this little tipi structure there. We left offerings and I did an Anishnabe Sasquatch song, which was answered by hoots and wood knocks.

In details, there was a long log stretched across, two feet from the ground, on which several good size branches were arranged in a conical tipi shape. One of the pieces was a thicker log hooked on top and hanging there. There were two large hollow stumps into which small sticks had been squeezed in their cracks. The whole arrangement was sitting under a marker tree, that has two branches doing a double square angles, about nine feet high, that had been bent years ago to grow in that shape. There are several of those marker trees on ancient Native trails, as it was a practice among tribes to shape some trees along trails in significant places. The biggest Sasquatch structure I ever saw, some miles in the bush from here, which we tried again to visit today but couldn’t reach, was close to a few significant marker trees, suggesting that Sasquatch might use them too.

It would be interesting to check back for any changes later. The little tipi type structure had an inch of snow on it, it was not freshly made, but it was not there last year. A humble simple small structure, but very significant for the site and timing. There were a couple more possible structures that look like arrangements, but less elaborate.

Last year, around the same date, I encountered a 12 foot tall red Sasquatch there by the river side, for whom I did the Sasquatch song and he answered with footsteps close to me. That night I returned there to meditate and he showed me our sister Tyya whom I had not seen in a year and told me he knew her. That night I wrote to her and she send me a drawing she had done a year earlier of a 12 foot tall red Sasquatch she had met.

Today’ while visiting this same river side where I had not been in a year, I told this story to Eric. After returning home, I went online and the first message I read was from Tyya telling me she saw me in a dream last night. Interesting telepathy and sacrednicity.

I feel it is the same Sasquatch we heard hooting and wood knocking today, who seems to act as a guardian of this river, but obviously travels as well over great distances.

So far, expeditions in this region this year have been in successful most of the time in finding signs of Sasquatch and even meeting them and communicating with them. After a first promising year of fast growth, , almost ten months by now since our launch, as we keep widening our networks of contacts, sharing quality information from many sources, doing successful expeditions on the grounds, and taking part in events like special ceremonies and conferences, SCENIC is ready for a new year of disclosure.

Best blessings to all on this new solar cycle and throughout 2019. May the Elders be with you…


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