Truth Denied – The Sasquatch DNA Study, by Scott Carpenter

Truth Denied – The Sasquatch DNA Study

Scott Carpenter takes you behind the scenes of the ground-breaking Sasquatch Genome Study. Scott was a sample contributor and worked closely with the study team. You will get his unique perspective as you learn how the Sasquatch Genome Study came into existence, progressed, made profound discoveries and then was attacked from both within the “Bigfoot Community” and “Main Stream” science. The reason? The truth was not palatable for either group and sent shock waves throughout the research community. Scott details how these groups formed a loosely linked “conspiracy of the likeminded” and how this eventually coalesced into a well-organized smear campaign. The target being the project leader Dr. Melba Ketchum and the DNA Study’s results. The goal, to destroy Dr. Ketchum both personally and professionally along with discrediting the Sasquatch Genome Study. Ultimately, to hide from the public scientific proof that the creature known as Sasquatch/Bigfoot exist and conceal its shocking genetic identity. To deny the truth!
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4 thoughts on “Truth Denied – The Sasquatch DNA Study, by Scott Carpenter”

  1. Wow, interesting bit of info. First they say the dna was from a polar bear now they have changed their mind again. The truth hasn’t set them free, lying is their way of life. I would be pretty screwed up if I hadn’t seen one myself These beings are alive and some what well where ever they roam and that’s not deep in the out back. Dave

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