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Experiencer story, by Andrea Francis

By Andrea Francis

Hello everyone! I have been really interested to talk to Native Americans who have had experiences with the Sasquatch. Two years ago my husband Dan and I found out that a family of Sasquatch were visiting our home, and as you can imagine we were a little frightened at first, but decided they had been here for a long time and hadn’t hurt anyone, and no one including us even knew they were here. We decided to just live our lives as always, be respectful towards them, and if possible , try to learn what we could about them.

We did put a microphone in our window so that we could hear them when they came to the house. We can listen and record when we wish. We can hear them whistling, talking in an unknown tongue, breaking sticks, walking, and we hear them in the woods whooping, trying to sound like owls, roaring and growling. This has really changed our lives and our view of this world, and some of my experiences have been of a kind I would call spiritual in nature, and that is one reason I would like to talk to someone who appreciates spiritual things.

After 2 years of talking to them , even trying to speak Cherokee to them (I am sure they got a chuckle from that!) I asked them to please let me see the young guy who actually spoke to me through an open window one night. He whistled and said “Hello!”

In February of this year I went out on my deck to bring my bird feeders in as the coons knock them down and break them. I saw eye shine about 30 feet away, and as I looked I could see his body, and he was laying down like he was doing a girl’s pushup, looking at me! He didn’t move, only blinked. His color surprised me, a strawberry blonde, and what made me smile was his hair was sticking up in spikes on top of his head like a rock star!

I told him ” thank you for letting me see you “and called him friend . I was so cold and in my nightgown and was getting really cold, so I turned to go into the house, but had to go back to see if he was really there, and he was still there! I stood talking to him until I started really shivering, and finally had to go in. I will never forget that they let me see him. I had my 75th birthday on February 10, 2 days before he appeared.

What I would like to ask an Elder is why did that young guy speak to me in the first place? Does he want to tell me something? I feel that his family did not want any of us regular people to know they were here, and certainly did not want him to speak to us. After 2 years of interacting with them I really believe they are more human than most people think! They have feelings and emotions like us and a good sense of humour too. I am sorry this is so long, but I wanted to tell you a few things that have happened here and if some one could shed some light on why this has happened to us. If anyone could comment on this I would be grateful!


3 thoughts on “Experiencer story, by Andrea Francis”

  1. I love your story. I’ve been interacting with the local forest people for about 6 years. I’ve also seen eyeshine and heard all of the same sounds except for the talking. I’ve never recorded them. I’d love to hear your recording.
    I’ve had important visit in dreamtime that I cherish very much. We all love one another.
    I’ve gotten a bit of telepathic communication and they say that they saw my “light”. I’m assuming that is on the spiritual plane. They feel frequencies too and you must have a high frequency for them to trust you. I envy your sighting, which is a gift.
    Thank you for sharing.

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