Sasquatch Days 2019, in the Sasquatch Capital of the World, photos, videos and account

Sasquatch Days 2019, in the Sasquatch Capital of the World, photos, videos and account

By SunBôw

The Sasquatch Days Native led event were first held in 1938, when the Sasquatch mask made by the Sts’ailes tribe for the occasion was taken by John W. Burns and put in the museum in Vancouver, from where it was recuperated by the tribe 75 years later.

Photo from the first Sasquatch Days in 1938, and the mask which might be the most famous Sasquatch artifact.

Harrison Hot Springs became the ”Sasquatch Capital of the World” in 1957, after a failed attempt by John W. Green and Rene Dahinden to organize a large scale Sasquatch hunt.

From the Harrison Hot Springs Tourism website:

”Harrison Hot Springs has always been a center of Sasquatch activity and little wonder as the very word Sasquatch derives from the Sts’ailes word “Sa:sq’ets” meaning ‘wild man’. The Sasquatch is sacred to the Sts’ailes and as the symbol of their people it is only fitting that this celebration stick with the name given to this very popular event that last took place in 1938.”

”2019: This two-day event will begin at 9:00 am Saturday June 15th with a short procession to Harrison Lake Plaza where a welcoming ceremony will be held at 9:30 am. Each day will feature medicine walks (signup required- limited space) and opportunities for intercultural sharing. Saturday morning the main event starts as war canoes gather for a friendly competition that will continue with final races on Sunday. Of course, no canoe race is complete without a traditional salmon barbeque that will take place Saturday and Sunday afternoon.”
”The joint hosts for this event, Sts’ailes First Nations and the Village of Harrison Hot Springs, invite visitors to this unique event that brings two communities together in an opportunity to learn about the traditions of the Sts’ailes people and share cultural experiences.”

Eric and I camped at Harrison Lake on Friday night, where we received messages and guidance from the local Sasquatch Elders. The next morning, we join the Sts’ailes opening ceremony and filmed the Sasquatch song and dance.

We visited the new Sasquatch museum and ran into our Sasquatch brothers Randy and Brian. We then visited the craft shop and left our Sasquatch books there, where the owners shared their stories about UFO and Sasquatch encounters.

After a fantastic day at the Sasquatch Days, we drove down the Fraser Valley and camped at the spot where I had my first Sasquatch encounter 38 years ago. We encountered there a tribe of Sasquatch and a star ship that communicated with us all night, but this is too long of a story in itself and it will be the topic of another post. Blessings to all…

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