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Return to the site of my first encounter 38 years later for intense group encounter, by SunBôw

By SunBôw

Return to the site of my first encounter 38 years later for intense group encounter

In October 1981, I went camping with a group of ten young men near Chehalis, on the shore of the Fraser River. The first night, we heard heavy footfalls coming close and we all described hearing a voice in our minds or dreams telling us we had disrespected the land by cutting many green cedar boughs and then, the post holding the structure of our camp was snapped like a twig and our roof fell on our face. One of us who was camping in his tent nearby arrived panicked saying that he had seen a large hairy monster put down our shelter before turning into a ghost. In the following week, I took my first vision quest and met my first spirit guide there. It took me decades to realize that it was a Sasquatch that came that night, after meeting and knowing them as friends.

Last weekend I returned to that same site of my first encounter with my good brother Eric, where just in front of the old beams that made the frame of our shelter, the Sasquatch had left a small intricate structure, including green branches that had been twisted and woven, showing it had been done just before our coming to the site.



We gave thanks and left some offerings and decided to camp there. The rest of that day and that whole night were filled with phenomena and encounters, too many and too intense to describe in details.  I first saw the face of a grandmother looking at me through a hole in the leaves, smiling and blinking. We looked at each other’s face and communicated for fifteen minutes before she then appeared to Eric and they had the same kind of communication face to face for the same length of time. She gave him the name Winaca.

We slowly started feeling, seeing and hearing more and more presences. The male clan Elder named Elconathl came our way breaking branches and knocking on trees until he was within six meters, he told us he didn’t want to frighten us. He’s the same one who put down my shelter 38 years ago and he didn’t apologize, but is glad to see I have grown and learned since then. Before long they introduced us to other members of their clan, including the twelve-foot tall shy brave they are proud of and two three year old twins.

We could see for a while fifteen or more of them standing all around us. We heard several times grunts, hoots, mumbling of female and male voices, whistles, branches cracked, tree knocks, footsteps and more. We drummed and chanted with them and the Elder drummed and chanted with us. The two babies showed us their white eye shine.

They gave us messages and teachings about their origins and clans, and while they were talking on behalf of the Council of Sasquatch Eldest Elders, I felt Kamooh was involved.

I called out loud ”Kamooh!”, thinking ”are you here?”. He replied: ”I’m here and aware of this encounter, but I’m far away on a space ship.”. I asked him if he was coming and after a short moment he said he was coming. Seconds later, Eric told me to look up as a set of flying lights were coming our way. The very bright lights stopped and hovered over the river, then flew our way above the forest, flew across the river and sat on a high inaccessible mountain on the other shore, sending flash signals at us all night.

Kamooh let me know he had just been dropped with a Star Elder and soon they showed up and gave me a long channeled message that I vocalized for the two of us present. After a good half hour of channeling the Council of Star Elders, they told me to rest as they were returning aboard their ship. The last hour before dawn, the phenomena ended and they left us discussing our experiences and get some rest. There were many more details that could not all fit in one post. It was one of my most intense encounters to date.

Thanks to our Elders. Best blessings to all our relations…






14 thoughts on “Return to the site of my first encounter 38 years later for intense group encounter, by SunBôw”

  1. This is so wonderful Sunbow, wish I could have been with you all but in having the video and the pictures it feels like we are with you! Thank you soooo much!

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  2. Great story, was curious why they were upset about the cutting of the trees for your shelter, as they appear to break many trees through their movements in the forest. There are also many types of sasquatch it appears they are able to disappear at random. I still believe in them as I have had a experience and seen many signs of them around. Dave

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    1. In this case, as explained, we were ten young city boys who didn’t hesitate to strip the couple cedars available from their boughs, so we needed a little lesson of respect. The Sasquatch don’t break green trees randomly, they use them for communication or as markers, but they usually break or use dead trees to build their structures…


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