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Letter from Dr. Dmitri Bayanov, eminent founder of Hominology, from Russia

Note: Although Dr. Bayanov asked Kelly not to publish his letter sent today, I’m taking full responsibility for sharing it here. Four years ago, Dr. Dmitri Bayanov wrote to me trying to disprove my experiences described in my books and questioning my integrity. Now that he has read the books and changed his understanding and attitude towards our work, I believe it is important to disclose this useful information and to make it known widely. Dr. Bayanov and his books are also mentioned and quoted in my latest book: Hairy Humanoids form the Wild – Encyclopedia of All Things Sasquatch.

By Dr. Dmitri Bayanov

Dear Kelly,
Igor wrote me that you gave him copies of The Sasquatch Message to Humanity books gifted to me by you. I am deeply touched by your kindness and thought of me. Many, many thanks!!!
Before he flew to the US I asked Igor for his copies to read while he would be away. So I have read the three books and am absolutely OVERWHELMED!!! It looks like a Defining Moment in History.
I mean the unprecedented kind of contact that SunBow, Kewaunee, and you have established with the Forest People and their Elders, or rather the Elders, Kamooh in particular, have established with you people.
My most sincere congratulations!!!
I am greatly impressed by the fantastic job {a kind of travail, isn’t it?), that SunBow and you have performed by transcribing the Elders’ messages into the language comprehensible to humans. All my adult life I made a living by translation and I do know how difficult such jobs are. (As I was engaged in hominology, an official scientific career was not available for me).
I am also glad Kewaunee included and published his written exchanges with Heloti, which is most impressive evidence for ‘normal’, not paranormal science.
Just wonder, Kelly, if it would be possible for you to pass my thanks to the esteemed Elder Kamooh and suggest to him my piece of practical advice, which I will tell the next time if he agrees to hear it.
In the meantime I wish to say that the ethics and behavior of true hominologists, who are my friends and colleagues, are similar to or identical with the moral teaching and preaching of Kamooh. As an example, please see in attachment the message (shortened) of my late dear friend George Haas, who together with me, back in the 70’s, strongly opposed John Green, supported by Rene Dahinded, who called to hunters to kill Sasquatches to prove their existence. This is reflected in the books:
In The Making of Hominology, 2019, authored by me and Chris Murphy, I strongly criticize Grover Krantz and again John Green for their pro-kill stance and propaganda. The book is endorsed and recommended by
PhD scientists representing Australia, Britain, Canada, Russia, and the USA. The publisher David Hancock finds the book so significant that he put his Foreword in it.
Please send me your postal address and I will ask Chris to send you a copy.
Do not make my letter public, let us keep these exchanges confidential for the time being. You are free to share it with SunBow, of course.
My greetings and thanks to him.
Dmitri Bayanov
Dmitri Bayanov

4 thoughts on “Letter from Dr. Dmitri Bayanov, eminent founder of Hominology, from Russia”

  1. Thank you Sunbow Truebrother for putting the record straight.
    Honesty and dedication for a world transformation accordi g the highest standards of living with a clear understanding of ‘Interspecies spiritual loving communication and relation. Blessings Pat franck

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