Back out of the outback, Australia blessed with abundant rains

Back out of the outback, Australia blessed with abundant rains, by SunBôw

Last weekend, we did a ceremony in the desert and were blessed with gentle rains on our way in and out. Yesterday, rains started in the west, north, east and south, while the clouds gathered, spinning counterclockwise. Tonight, there are rain storms all around Australia, except in the center, especially in the east and southeast where it is most needed and the biggest fires still burn. Abundant rains are forecast for a whole week. See RADAR IMAGE. Thanks to all who have joined in prayers and ceremonies for your assistance to bring healing waters to lands and life. Our works, ceremonies and prayers are only the humble part we can contribute to the collective efforts and the rise of global consciousness. We acknowledge and honor the ceremonies done by the Original Peoples.

We had learned that the Original Grandmothers were doing ceremonies at Uluru, which is roughly shaped as an egg and represents the female and central part of the alignment of three major similar gigantic stones, including as well Kata Tjuta to the west and Attila to the east of Uluru, both being bigger than Uluru, while Uluru itself is the considered to be the biggest monolith on Earth. In fact, the three monuments are made of conglomerate rocks held together with some kind of mortar, as if molded by the Ant-People. The veins that line Uluru are aligned with the ley line that we have been traveling along, running northwest to southeast to join the triangle of ancient stone circles in Victoria. Although there is a side of Uluru that was reserved for men ceremonies, which we visited, we did not do any ceremony at Uluru properly said.

We went to Kata Tjuta, the most western of the three gigantic megaliths, where we honored the spirits of that sacred site, did prayers, songs and offerings for the healing of the souls of the lands and of all life, around a small medicine wheel to the four directions with a counterclockwise spiral, asking for rains to come and quench the thirsty plants, trees, wildlife and people, at the base of one of the two giant rocks in the form of huge six-toed Dooligah feet, across the Valley of the Winds, which was a ceremonial place reserved for men. Many ancient spirits of the land manifested in the winds and around.

The next day, on Monday, we visited Uluru itself, to pay our respect and touch the rock. In some parts we visited, it was asked not to take any photos. We then started back up the long leg to get back out of the outback and reached the coast on Wednesday. We saw lizards, fed emus, and I ran into a big red roo, among many other things. There are many ancient lost cities of the Ant-People buried under the deserts, with pyramids and mounds, and top secret military bases guarding their access with no trespassing signs.


We thank the Originals of these lands, the Dooligah and Junjeri Peoples, the Star Elders, Great Spirit, Mother Earth and all our relations in all directions for sending abundant rains to Australia in the regions in dire need of them. Thanks to all our readers, supporters and donors, who help us in many ways in accomplishing this journey and work. We appreciate all help, encouragement and support. Thanks to those who DONATE

Now that this mission to the heart of this continent to reawaken the Rainbow Serpent has been fulfilled, we will continue to research and learn about the Hairy Humanoids of Australia in the coming months. There are also Original Elders expecting to meet us to do interviews and share teachings. The camera donated to us by Hale was released from customs and should be delivered shortly.

Best blessings to all our relations and to all of you…


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  1. Many thanks this Post rocks…
    Nice work boots on the ground and in the Ether … Woohoo!!!
    Mitakuye Oyasin prayers have been sent for the Earth Momma Turtle and the All That is’… Peace and Blessings Gg

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