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If you can’t go to the Yowie Mountain, the Yowie Mountain will come to you, by SunBôw

If you can’t go to the Yowie Mountain, the Yowie Mountain will come to you, by SunBôw

Over two months of lockdown and travel restrictions have kept me from moving around outside of the local neighborhood. Yet, things have kept happening and life has kept me busy with completing an exhaustive report about the Sovereign Originals Land Rights and protection of their ancestral sacred grounds. A couple days ago, a Yowie left a message in the form of a stick arrangement by my tent, which appeared clear as day to me. It drew the pyramidal shape of Mount Beerwah, the Mother of Giants, with a Y stick coming out of her eyes telling me: “”Look towards where Beerwah is looking”.


The stick arrangement was made with some sticks stacked in a pile that my host Yowie Sovereign Original had cleaned out of the pet cemetery in the overgrown corner through which she says the Yowies have been coming to her backyard, as through a portal

I checked the map and found out that three of the Glasshouse Mountains are aligned with the main (energy, ley) song line that crosses Australia east to west in its center and aligns with Attila, Uluru and Kata Juta. I realized that the huge pointed pyramid covered with vegetation that I saw in vision as being straight ahead on our way out of Uluru was not the smaller Gympie pyramid, as I first thought, but Mount Beerwah itself. Observing the map of the Glasshouse Mountains, I discovered that many major song lines meet there. This was a great message to me, as I had been called to go there for five months.


It turns out that tomorrow, my host Yowie Sovereign Original has to drive that way and the park is open, so this will be my first trip outside of the local area in about ten weeks. My goal is to do ceremony there to reawaken the song lines and remove the barriers and blockages keeping the natural energies from freely flowing. I invite those of you reading this to join with your respective prayers and ceremonies to help free the Earth.

This is in short, my story for today and I’m adding photos from this very enjoyable backyard where I’ve been living for over two months now, with daily chats with possums, ravens, magpies, butcher birds, laughing kukaburras and other good friends.

Best blessings to each of you on your respective paths, and to all our relations…


9 thoughts on “If you can’t go to the Yowie Mountain, the Yowie Mountain will come to you, by SunBôw”

  1. Hello Sunbow. I just wanted to share some information with you. Those mountains are not yowies. They are Hairy people . The difference is. Hairy people are more friendly and loving although very protective of family etc and very respectful of lores and yowies are Hairy people crossed with one of three malevelant alien species quite often having red or yellow eyes and little respect for lore. Hairy people have more human faces with mouths similar to humans. Yowies have a muzzle type mouth and bigger eyes and are general more hunch backed The glasshouse mountains are the original hairy people not yowies. Hairy people are older than yowies and the first sovereigns of the earth. Although the glasshouse mountains story is the story of where the first yowies began. The story of crookneck is where the eldest son was outcast for being selfish and not upholding lore and looking after the mother. He ran off to the west after being hit on the back of the neck ( crook neck hunch back ) meeting up with and breeding a malevolent race which is what we call yowies. Yowies break lore and harm and curse and cause trouble. That’s the difference between them. A lot of people don’t know the difference between them and assume they are all one. Hairy ones have a strong love feeling and yowies have a nasty standover make your hair stand on end feeling. This is my learning knowledge as taught to me by ancestors and also personal experience. Hope it helps. But also I’m pretty sure them mountains wouldn’t want to be called yowies. I hope this helps you.

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    1. Thanks for your comment Debra. I’ve read about the legends of the Glashouse Mountains and have shared them in a previous post. Yowie is not a word from any Original language. The closest names from it are Yowri and Yurri, but there are a vast diversity of names by which the Hairy People are called in Australia, like Dooligah, Bungalong, or Nit-Nit and Junjeri for the small ones. Yowie is merely the generic name that has become most known and widespread. I usually call the different types in a generic way Hairy Humanoids, by I use the name Yowie here as it is the best know. Other sources say that the Yowie look more like humans than the Dooligah, who have an opposed thumb on the foot and sometimes six toes, while the Yowies have feet like humans. I’ve seen both types of footprints and have had contacts with different types of hairy people and I don’t believe one species is either totally good or totally evil. From my experience, it’s the way you develop your relations with them that makes a difference in the outcome…


  2. Thankyou sunbow . I shall do much energy work here and sing my song from my heart for this . Enjoy your day Lots of love and support Rachel Hubbard Leicestershire England

    On Wed, 20 May 2020, 02:50 Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication, wrote:

    > SCENIC Sasquatch posted: “If you can’t go to the Yowie Mountain, the Yowie > Mountain will come to you, by SunBôw Over two months of lockdown and travel > restrictions have kept me from moving around outside of the local > neighborhood. Yet, things have kept happening and life has kept” >

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  3. This is so interesting to me, I live at the base on Coochin Twins one of the Glasshouse Mtns, Ive been doing meditations up there and channeling energy up and down, not really knowing why just doing it. Im going to visit my other favourite Ngungun today and the base of Beerwah, which I have climbed part way before but was very scared and wanted to get off it as soon as possible. Im naturally attracted to ley lines it seems and have visited many around the world, the Pyramids in Giza, Stonehenge, Monte Alban Oaxaca, Ankor Wat Cambodia. Im glad to find out Im living right near one. Thankyou.

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    1. Thank you for your insights Zoe. It’s good we all do our part in honoring sacred sites and reactivating song lines. Very sacred mountains and energy vortices indeed. The Original custodians told me the place is so sacred to them, they want to keep people from climbing there and reserve it for special ceremonies. If you’re in that area you might want to visit their center at the foot of Beerwah. Blessings…


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