SCENIC website 22 month report

SCENIC website 22 month report, by SunBôw

We are pleased to announce that we have reached over 150,000 views, by over 56,000 visitors from around the world, before we complete our second year online, on March 1st. My last post from one week ago has had so far over 5000 views, making it the most read post in two years, without any special promotion of it. We thank all our readers, followers, supporters, collaborators and donors, helping us to do this work.

We have seen our audience growing slowly, but surely, and thank all who have shared our website’s link and posts on social medias, or reblogged them on WordPress.

We would like to remind our readers to consult our archives, with over 600 posts (18 posts in January 2020 so far, as of 01/23/20) offering a wide range of info, links, videos, photos, experiencers stories and articles. Please like, rate and share our posts if you can, to help raise our visibility in the algorithms and promote inter-species peaceful relations.

You can research the site by topics with the research box on the right of each post, or by categories in the main menu in blue, below the header. We’d also like to remind you that you can submit your texts and posts by sending them with the ”Contact us” button in the main menu. We cannot publish all the content, but your contributions are appreciated.

For those who have followed our recent research and expeditions in Australia, there are changes in our plans, as Raven, my host and traveling partner here, will need to attend family responsibilities with the return to school next week. I will be traveling on my own starting around the beginning of February, planning to go north along the east coast to investigate sites and meet people interested or experienced with the Hairy Humanoids.

I’m also carrying a dozen copies of my last book with me and can take orders personally for Australia in the coming three months, if you cover the shipment. Please contact me in private at or through the ”Contact us” button.

If you live in Australia or have interesting contacts who would be interested in meeting me and helping me on the journey to find places and directions, please let me know.

As an indie self-published author, book sales are my main income, without the backing of corporate funding or any promotional management to share my work to the world. Every copy you purchase not only brings you an exclusive insight into the Sasquatch, while helping the disclosure of inter-species peaceful relations, but it also supports me in continuing my work of writing, networking, documenting and informing the public.

Hairy Humanoids from the Wild – Encyclopedia of All Thing Sasquatch & Disclosure of Inter-Species Communication” is available in paperback and Ebook on

As well as on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and affiliated distributors.

Read on this link a professional REVIEW of the book.

You can also purchase the 3 titles of the series ”The Sasquatch Message to Humanity”, of which I authored the first two and co-authored the third book, published by Comanche Spirit Publishing. These books carrying teachings have reached several thousands of readers worldwide so far and have brought together many of them in various networks, groups and events, receiving the best feedback from a fast growing global audience.

We also are grateful for your donations and try to thank personally all our donors when they can be reached. Use this link to DONATE. Links and more are also on the home page.

Many thanks to all of you readers, collaborators, contributors and supporters who make SCENIC happen and turn into a growing global network for inter-species communication.

Best blessings to all in this unfolding great, intense and magical year of 2020…

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