It’s not a climate crisis, it’s a cosmic war

It’s not a climate crisis, it’s a cosmic war, by SunBôw

When folks will stop blaming the climate and realize that it’s actually weather wars that are being waged covertly against them and all life, through geoengineering, chemtrails, radar microwaves, weather manipulation and DEW fires (Directed Energy Weapons) then things will start to change for the better. There is a cosmic, spiritual war happening, but we do not have to be helpless victims, nor on the losing end of this crucial battle.

Here are a few photos (googled) and reflections from this last month’s pilgrimage and what we’ve learned through observation and deduction, while completing this mission.

When I arrived in Australia on December 12th, the country had been plagued by years of increasing droughts, which with a little research, turn out to be man made, as water is held from the people and lands in huge catchments by the government, while mining and fracking companies have unlimited access to water and billions of liters are sold to foreign companies and to other countries. Meanwhile, geoengineered weather had prevented the highly needed beneficial life giving rains to fall as they naturally do.

To add to the crisis, bush fires started raging in different parts of Australia, to reach proportions never seen and become the biggest fires of the recorded planet’s history. Bush fires are not uncommon in Australia, but never before did they burn over such large regions, covering almost ten times the area of the Amazon fires in 2019.

The ultimate goal of their end game is called UN Agenda 21 or 2030, plans meant to heard people out of the bush and into not-so-SMART cities, where they can be controlled and culled. There is plenty of documentation on this topic, if you do a search.

When the first fires started on the east coast, a NASA photo showed this ancient Original sad face in the cloud formations, blowing on the fires to put them out. This image represents allegorically the resistance of ancient spirit wisdom to modern weather wars.

1st fires

For many including firefighters, those fires didn’t seem natural. Soon photos started emerging of strange entities appearing in the flames and smokes. This first photo was on mainstream media. There is more than simple technological warfare, there is also a spiritual battle going on, involving entities of various dimension and realms.

oz fires


Again, as previously observed with massive fires in California, Canada and elsewhere, evidence of DEW used to start fires started emerging. For more info and documentation on DEW fires, see


We did our first ceremony on December 30th in the Bunyip, praying for rains and healing for lands and life, repeated on the 31st, then the first rains came along the ley line we were following. Uluru started the new year with an unusual thunder storm.

uluru thunderstorm


One New Year, another unusual phenomenon happened when the sun, photographed in the smoky sky, appeared like the Aborigines (Originals) flag and made it in the news.



We did our next ceremony a couple days later on Mount Hope, an intriguing megalithic mountain close to Pyramid Hill in the Victorian outback. Rains came a couple days later along the same ley line we were following. Maps show rains on January 1st and on the 4th. Notice again rains around Uluru, which is quite unusual in summer in the desert.

01-04-201-10-20 -01-04-20 ley line

We reached Uluru on the 10th and did our main ceremony on the 12th, the date of the planetary conjunction. Our intention was to reawaken the Rainbow Serpent and the serpent lines to bring back balance, healing and life giving rains to the whole country. We were blessed with gentle rains on our way in and out, while walking in the desert.

The following day, rains starting to fall to the four directions of Australia, as the clouds started gathering and turning in a counterclockwise spiral circling around the country. The next day, rains started to fall all around Oz, with the biggest concentrations over the regions most affected by fires in the east, where it was most needed. It took us a week to drive back from Uluru to eastern Gippsland in Victoria, where the biggest fires were still raging. During the last couple days on the road, abundant rainfalls started to put out all the fires and quench the thirsty lands, refilling rivers and creeks that had dried up.

On our last day heading back here, we were escorted by abundant rains and drove through Melbourne barely an hour before it got hit by a severe hail storm with hailstones the size of golf balls, and flash floods. We got at Raven’s home just before it really started pouring hard. The following day, the hail storm hit the capital Canberra and flooded the Parliament House, which had PM Scott Morrison ask people to stop praying for rains, although he just passed a law against religious discrimination. In two days, some places received more rains than in the last two years, and some record rains were recorded. Empowered Nature spirits know exactly where to hit with precipitations.


Map of the strange weather systems on January 20th, when heavy rains hovered and circled around the biggest fires in east Gippsland. Later, they moved on further north in the shape of a large Rainbow Serpent.


Today the rains calmed, to let the lands and the bush drink and assimilate this abundant life bringing water that had been retained and direly lacking, as life celebrates. But more rainfalls are on the forecast in the coming days, which will prevent new fires from starting. We are grateful for these amazing results and to all who have joined and helped, although we must remain aware that this is just one victory in a long war.

It would be too long to explain the details of our work and contribution to the collective healing, but we have been shown through vision and guidance to carry this mission for the good of all our relations and of all life, combining our sacred knowledge and medicines towards the accomplishment of this pilgrimage. This includes physical tools channeling and harmonizing frequencies, and special prayers and rituals with spirits. Certainly, the ceremonies done by the Original Peoples and prayers from all combined were part of the efforts that brought the great climate shift now observed in Australia.

There are some top secret DUMBs (Deep underground Military Bases) in the Australian desert as elsewhere that count hundreds of radar antennas, some 5G and similar technologies that are currently used for weather manipulations and weather wars. Most of those installations and operations are completely unknown to the public. There are also other top secret programs operating on those bases, including back engineered alien techs and alien advising. There is a so-called Grey Division officially operating out there.

See LINKlisting some of the top secret military bases in Australia.

Some would ask what this whole story has to do with the Sasquatch, but all of this has been learnt and done with their guidance, as with that of all our spiritual guides, including Star Elders, ancestors and animal spirits, who have kept manifesting in many signs along our journey. This is Sasquatch shamanism at its best, of what we know so far. Beyond knowing that they exist out there or trying to find evidence, the next step is to learn from them and work with the teachings, medicines and powers they offer us.

We will rest from the road for a few days, before our next expeditions on sacred grounds, now that the fires are out and the access is open to all the places we wanted to visit, many of which have had Dooligah (Sasquatch) activity since ancient times.

We are glad to announce that we just received today the professional quality camera that Hale sent us. We will need to buy a lens, memory card, batteries and charger, and learn how to operate it, before we can share what we can capture with it, hopefully more paranormal activity and the presences of our Hairy Humanoids Family and friends.

Last night, the whole local clan of Dooligah showed up here with eye shines ,to express their happiness and gratitude. Likewise, we are grateful for the amazing results from our quest and wish to keep doing this service work for all lands and life to flourish.

Thanks to all our readers, rebloggers, commentators, supporters and for your donations.

More to come. Best blessings to all our relations in our Cosmic Family…




17 thoughts on “It’s not a climate crisis, it’s a cosmic war”

  1. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    This article is right on… weather wars are being directed against the people, animals, and the land by greedy globalists with an agenda to destroy (reduce) the human (and animal) population significantly. People are waking up to the threat coming from their own governments which are aligned with Central Banks and the United Nations (owned by the Rothschild Family). Inform your family, your neighbors and make a stink with your government. Pray, meditate, be active in taking back the power of those who would serve their communities and all Life, not those who want to destroy all Life.

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      1. There is great wisdom in your posts. You and your friends are working WITH the Earth and Her Guardians, the unseen ones. In time, more people will awake to the benefits of returning back to being guardians rather than owning the Earth and living with the rest of the amazing diversity of Life that is existant upon this beautiful Jewel of a planet.

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    1. That image was just shared to confirm the main ley line we have been traveling and working along this past month. What I’ve learned is that there are serpent lines with female energy and some with male energy, as compared to positive and negative electric charges and currents. The same applies to vortices or chakras. They naturally balance each other and work together to maintain natural balance of Earth’s network and bring forth life sustaining energies. When a blockage occurs on any line, the balance is disturbed and the natural energy flow is disrupted. Uluru is shaped like a giant egg and is known as a female energy point, while Kata Tjuta for instance is made of pillars and rock columns and is known as a ale energy center. Activating an energy line also activates the lines connected to it by resonance and helps mend the connections between the lines of the Earth’s network. The more people will take part in this activation of the Earth’s network along serpent lines and on energy chakras, the faster and more powerfully the mending of the sacred hoop and restoring of Mother Earth’s healing powers will be achieved…

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      1. Incredible Sunbow, Raven, and company, prayers have been sent for the Sun Helios, his new baby daughter and the Earth Mother Turtle, for they are suffering as is the All That is’…

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  2. Wait for the upcoming events.. GOLDEN LIGHT WILL INCREASE AND IT WILL BURN THE CROPS, and with some free disasters for primitive hairless apes… GIGGLES

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  3. Right on the Money yo!!! Greys/grays have moved the Sun… Prayers Peace and blessings for All of my/our Relations… Fires were started by Pulse Weaponry Microwave Band short Wave… Mitakuye Oyasin True Brothers nice work down under wow!!! Love you Pamela


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