Rainbow Serpent News: Today’s weather manipulation report for Australia

Rainbow Serpent News, by SunBôw
Today’s weather manipulation report, for Australia…
Yesterday, after two weather manipulation stations on the west coast tried to stop the reawakened Rainbow Serpent on her counterclockwise course by emitting concentric expanding rings of EHF causing the rains to accumulate in Queensland, She went around the high pressure field they had built up via Indonesia and curved back eastward over the Indian Ocean to hit the west coast right over the most active radar station north of Perth, with abundant rains.
Early today, She was bringing life giving rains around the east coast following her path around the land in a natural counterclockwise flow. Meanwhile, the two stations on the west coast were combining operations to break her down. The one near Perth was still sending concentric rings of high pressure while the other further north was sending a series of ELF beams like rays of a wheel dialing clockwise.
Stirring this artificially built up high pressure field in an anti-natural clockwise motion against the natural flow of weather patterns in this hemisphere caused the mass of energy accumulated by the Rainbow Serpent and partly blocked in QLD to break apart into pieces. But instead of dissipating, and fleeting away the Rainbow Serpent used the unnatural clockwise motion to send abundant rains along the recently reactivated ley line connecting Gympie to Uluru, where She curved back up north to refill the watersheds in the Northern Territories.
In this case, She used the anti-natural clockwise attack sent against her to bring rains in the central outback desert, where is the spiritual egg and heart of the land She nourishes, along the activated ley line, at the western end of which the most active radar station sends the main attacks, causing her to curve northward and cover only the northeastern quarter of the land mass.
After seeing they had succeeded in splitting the Rainbow Serpent in two separate opposite currents by engaging a part of her energy in a clockwise motion from QLD to the NT which She used to become a powerful moving source of life giving rains, the station near Brisbane started shooting ELF beams into a wheel dialing counterclockwise, to break down her newly created powerful clockwise vortex.
After the station north of Perth was washed by abundant rains from the west, cutting down the frequencies, it built a series of successive ELF walls appearing as a grid on the radar map, while the station near Perth kept building a high pressure field emitting rings, to push back the rains off the coast and stop the Rainbow Serpent on her natural course. They succeeded in splitting her in two currents, with a thin stream of clouds moving inland over the desert and a thicker one, that both kept moving on parallel courses around the southern coast, still along the natural counterclockwise flow.
Meanwhile, in SA, the station north of Adelaide was shooting small ELF beams through a small rain system to split it apart and prevent it from moving to Kangaroo Island, which had half of its area burnt recently, closing towns and killing 30,000 koalas, while making the lithium mining corps ”suddenly” interested in the deposits there. Australia is the second producer of lithium in the world and wants to increase it production, according to the government website, under ”critical commodities for a high-tech world”. The salt lakes north of Adelaide hold likely the biggest deposits on Earth. A lot of this region is off limit on military bases or mining operations with restricted access. Makes you wonder what they drop in the chemtrails cocktails.
Stay tuned for more Rainbow Serpent News, or follow for yourself in real time the weather wars waged against her on the radar maps of the government website. Watch for concentric circles, straight lines and grids that don’t look natural and observe how the weather manipulation stations operate and affect all life under the guise of climate change, to blame Mother Nature which is being assaulted with continuous weather wars. You can also watch radar websites for your respective regions regardless of your localities, and follow in real time how the weather wars are conducted and how high-tech, often top secret radar stations proceed to perpetrate the global ecocide covertly.
We apologize for not providing images, and encourage you to do your own research and see for yourself. You can also research UN Agenda 21 and 2030, or depopulation agenda.
Please support the Rainbow Serpent in her sacred journey around the continent, with Love, prayers and ceremonies. Support likewise the living conscious spirits of your respective lands who maintain natural balance and keep the world turning round.
Mother Nature is calling us on her side. Time to engage is now…
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