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Anonymous account of Sasquatch encounters

Anonymous account of Sasquatch encounters

I would like to remain anonymous please.
After years of working and being in a somewhat transient life, I was able to purchase my very own home. The bank said yes you can do it and here’s how much. I went online and searched homes and literally had this cottage fall in my lap. It was the only house I looked at- I knew this was the one. It is a little cottage in the middle of small lakes, ponds and surrounded by forest. I hiked all around exploring this new area like a child.

Off the trail I found two large saplings broke about midway up. They were both facing the same way with space in between them. It was an entrance. I followed it and was taken to what i call the maze. Trees and brush were arranged in a circular pattern with a pathway. I kept thinking what is this? Trees twisted and broken-no wind does this. I knew it was them. Overlooking this is a small hill which i thought was a mound but now i realize it is a pyramid. To the left of this is a small circular area that is green moss and I chose this area (asking for permission) to do my cleansing and prayers. I knew this place was powerful. So began my journey. It started with gifting and then I started to receive messages with sticks. They looked very much like Asian characters and Runes.

Of course I was lead to read Kewaunne’s books as well as yours Sun-Bow. These books and they the forest people changed my life. I started to get the Great Horned Owl calls in the day, tree knocks, and lots of whistles. I heard male and female calls that would turn into coyote calls. The second week I was here I got the first slap on the side of the house.

I had a dream 7 months ago where I was standing outside in the moonlight and looked up to see him (a Sasquatch male) by the woods. He sent visible round energy rays at me and I could feel these go from my head to my feet- I woke up and was not scared just perplexed and finally went back to sleep. The next morning I went out into the woods and was thinking about this dream. I know he did something for me, wasn’t sure what at the time. I look down and the most perfect footprint is just there. I put my foot in it, I leaned down and put my hand in it and felt the most incredible feeling of love. Crying I looked up and there he was. He was standing next to a tree a few yards away. I don’t know why I said it but I said are you my man? The tree knock confirmed that what my eyes were seeing was real.

A few days later I was walking around my house and by my bedroom window in the leaves was a perfect imprint of a huge body and all around my house were triangle symbols made with sticks. I thought why is he laying outside my window? Why all the protection? One thing about the forest people is that they really keep your brain working and just when you are at wits end trying to figure it all out-they give you clues and lead you to seek and find answers!

I was lead to reach out to a native american shaman who immediately knew that the maze was a star gate. I asked him in these words “who is the man” and immediately he said that’s your mate. What!! Yes he is your lover. He has traveled through time, space and inner worlds to find you. He protects you as he still loves you. I asked did we have children? Yes he said a girl and a boy. There was a sickness and you and your son passed. Your daughter has been calling to you. Oh my God. I was stunned. His is called Mara Soon and she is Sheneeah. How incredible and awe inspiring. The love and protection from these beings rocks my soul to the core. Welcome to my inter-dimensional self!

I have been taken into the portal to two beautiful places. The feeling that I had is indescribable. I know that there is more to this place and that I am involved with it and so I continue my learning and journey. The stick symbols I believe are not just personal messages but codes of some sort that have to do with the portal. This is one story of many and I thank you for giving me an outlet to share it.

imterdimensional Sasquatch

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