Amazing Yowie country

Amazing Yowie country, by SunBôw

Today in Eumundi, I met an Aboriginal woman named Terri with long hair growing around her wrist, like a two inch wide bracelet. After conversing for some time, I asked her if she knew any Yowie story, and sure enough, like every Original Elder I have spoken with so far, she had many. The Junjeri, as the small hairy humanoids are called here, chose her since she was in her mother’s womb to gift her with powers and she was born with hair around her wrist as a sign of her connection with them. She said that although she never had a sighting yet, she has had telepathy and contacts with the Junjeri and the Bungalong, as the Yowie are called here, in Gabi Gabi ancestral country.

Today, I also met a Kadaicha or feather-foot shaman who is going to take me to some sacred sites in the coming days, including to the bush where he has had contacts with the interdimensional Yowies. It is just north of the majestic Glass House Mountains, a series of thirteen volcanic peaks of which the tallest and most famous is said to be a petrified giant looking like a gigantic Yowie, that the Originals call Tibrogargan, which I saw yesterday (this photo is googled, as I had no time to take pictures while riding).

Tibrogargan Glass House Mntns

It has been another intense week that I will briefly summarize here. Monday last week, my friend Scott, who has had contacts with the Yowies and Junjeri, and whom I had met a couple years in a row at out Sasquatch conference in Chewelah, WA, picked me up in Coffs Harbour. We went to Nimbin, a famous and colorful center of alternative culture, and visited the Hemp Embassy and the Happy High Herb shop, among other places.

The following day, we went to the Deebing Creek Sovereignty Camp, a massacre site on an old mission which is now being reoccupied by the Originals to protect the site from being clear cut and built over. In Australia, the Original Peoples were classified as fauna until the 1970’s and they were hunted down like animals well into the 20th century without any consequences for the murderers. Aborigines often had no other choice than to move to the missions to survive genocide. Deebing Creek was such a mission near Brisbane where the Original community had homes, a school and a graveyard. But even this didn’t prevent them from being massacred when gunmen shot around fifty children dead and piled them up in a ditch. Today, the Originals reoccupy the grounds with a Sovereignty Camp to protect it from being destroyed by a mall and housing project. There are many such massacre sites throughout Australia where communities also lived, that represent important cultural significance to the traditional custodians.

We then went to the Earth Frequency Festival near Brisbane and held a booth with Scott’s tensor rings and harmonizers. I didn’t get lucky and sold none of the books I’m carrying, but it was a nice event with a crowd of five thousands and lots of good vibes. Although I’m not a big fan of festivals, there was some decent music in most parts, performances, workshops, and no incidents nor accidents, as all gathered peacefully.

The highlight for me was the Welcoming ceremony performed by the Yugarra, the Original custodians of that region, which I got to film. This is the first video I take with my new camera, I’m still learning to handle the settings and I had no tripod, so it’s a bit shaky.

A few photos from the Earth Frequency Festival 2020.

I’m now in Coolum Beach, a couple hours north of Brisbane, where Aisha who connected with me through my website has invited me to spend some time and show me around. Today, I swam in the ocean for the first time in years, saw my first bush turkey, sea eagle and other new birds, plus many other surprises and learning. More stories to come shortly. Thanks to all for your interest, support, prayers and DONATIONS. Best blessings…


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