Happy second anniversary to SCENIC

Happy second anniversary to SCENIC, by SunBôw

It was on March 1st 2018 that I officially launched the SCENIC website and the Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Inter-species Communication. Since then, our network has kept expanding, reaching out to a growing number of readers. We’d like to thank our audience for your interest and support in making this community alive and well.

Here are a few statistics that show our growth and outreach. We are reaching 170,000 views from 65,000 visitors. The numbers have been increasing over time:

2018: Over 21,000 visitors, with 59,500 views.

2019: Almost 40,000 visitors, over 79,000 views.

2020 (first two months): Nearly 14,000 visitors, over 30,000 views.

Our record for one day, reached a few times, ranges between 1,600 and 1,700 visitors.

Our records in views for specific articles were reached this year, with over 6,000 views on It’s not a climate crisis, it’s a cosmic war (January 20)

and over 2,200 views on Prophetic dream: Spell removed, the great healing has begun, freedom is coming, sovereignty is winning (February 25).

We have published so far around 560 posts, including articles, videos and links.

Since our beginning, out of over 120 countries from where our visitors come, the leading has been the United States (by far), with Canada, Australia and the UK following in order. But this year, our readers from Australia have slightly outnumbered those from Canada.

We thank all our readers, supporters, followers, subscribers, contributors who submit material and links, and our donors. You can submit your stories and articles or contact us by clicking on the CONTACT button in the main menu. Please give us a name to address you, but you can use a pseudo or ask to remain anonymous in our posts if you prefer. We do our best to reply to all your messages as soon as we can, but please understand there could be delays, as we receive a large quantity of emails, answering questions and offering advice, part of the work that doesn’t show on the public pages.

We would like to remind all of you that if you can, please like our posts (like button below each post) and rate them (stars under the titles of posts), which not only encourages us with your positive feedback, but also helps our website to rise in the algorithms of search engines. Please subscribe to our blog by clicking on the buttons on the right of each post, either through email, WordPress or Facebook. Our posts are automatically shared on our Facebook Page, as well as on my profiles on Twitter (SunBôw TrueBrother @SunBw8) and LinkedIn (SunBôw TrueBrother), which I also invite you to follow (almost exclusively SCENIC posts). Please share our posts and links in your social medias and networks, by clicking on the share buttons below each post.

We thank as well our donors who contribute to our work with donations and apologize for not being always able to thank each one personally. Your donations help us to help many and to carry on this work of journeying, documenting and sharing information.

Link to DONATE via Paypal.

We also would like to encourage you to purchase our books, which answer many of the frequently asked questions and provide deeper guidance, insights and knowledge.


Click on image for LINK (Available on Lulu, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, etc…)

hairy h

We wish to continue offering this service and informing the public with your help.

Last but not least, thanks to our spiritual guides and teachers for the inspiration, the Sasquatch People and other Forest Elders, our animal relatives, the ancestors, as well as Star Elders and Great Spirit, without whom none of this work would be accomplished.

Best blessings to each one of you on your respective quests and evolutionary journeys…



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