Deebing Creek’ Home of Yowies and Original custodians


Deebing Creek Mission is being destroyed by “developers”. It is not only a sacred site with a long ancestral history for many tribes, counting several cemeteries and three massacre sites with mass graves. Deebing Creek is like a few Wounded Knees. It has also been a gathering place for the Sovereignty and Unity movement since decades.

The Aunties are calling the mobs to come and help protect Deebing Creek. Spread the word in your networks, help support the protectors at Deebing Creek Sovereignty Camp, near Brisbane, to save these sacred grounds.
The protectors are organizing and determined to save this sacred site of important cultural, historical, spiritual and environmental significance where the bones of the ancestors lay. On the 17th, the protectors set camp at the entrance of Orchard Properties and succeeded in having the workers sent home and the machinery stopped, while the police came and left. But the workers came back in late afternoon and the destruction continues.

Deebing Creek Sovereignty Camp…

On Saturday the 14th, a mob of over 60 fellas assisted to the movie night at camp. We watched the excellent film ’88’, a recent documentary with many Original Elders retelling the stories of the nationwide caravans that gathered the mobs from around Australia in an unprecedented crowd that gave birth to the tent embassy, with footage from the archives. Several Aunties at camp also told their story of how they took part in that historic movement. About one third of the attendance were children as part of their education to know the history of their cultures and carry it on in the future generations.

After the film, the Aunties wanted to talk with me and we gathered around the fire for a yarn. They asked me about my encounter with the local Yowie clan that afternoon behind the creek, where Yowie FirstNation had told me to go. I told them how they showed up, made themselves heard, the messages they gave me and the footprints I had found. Every Elder I spoke with here has Yowie stories and experiences to share, and some have a great knowledge and connection with them. They ask me to do a presentation on Yowie this coming Sunday. In the 1820’s when the invaders arrived with Patrick Logan’s troops, it was recorded that the Yowies threw boulders at them and chased them out. There has been many attacks and three massacres here since but the land is still the home and sacred ground of the Original custodians.

After the Moon came out, Auntie Karen put up a group and took us to the tree structures nearby. She asked me to transmit the messages the Yowie were giving to help protect sovereignty and these sacred grounds of important cultural and historical significance.

The next day we went to the same place and heavy machinery was destroying the land and stripping down trees. Auntie Karen (the other one) called the mobs and the next day, the protectors set up camp at the entrance of Orchards Properties and succeeded in stopping the works for the day, as the workers were sent home. But it was just a short truce as they returned in lat afternoon. The protectors are now organizing stronger.

This destruction of this ancestral sacred ground for urban development mega-projects is unacceptable and the Original custodians are determined to protect it. Spread the word, show your support to Deebing Creek Sovereignty Camp west of Brisbane.

I also had the visit of Kris Bunda, who goes by Yowie FirstNation and we shared many stories and messages from the Yowie people, as the Sasquatch are generally called here. There would be much more to report, but time goes fast and WiFi availability scarce.

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8 thoughts on “Deebing Creek’ Home of Yowies and Original custodians”

  1. Deebing Creek Sovereignty Camp: Action on March 19, 2020…

    This morning the protectors succeeded for a fourth time this week to disrupt and momentarily stop the destruction by the machinery that is ripping down these ancestral sacred grounds of highly important spiritual, cultural, historical and environmental significance, which have been home of Original Peoples from over 60 tribes, and hold several burial sites and cemeteries, as well as ancient ceremonial grounds with an old Borree ring and a huge Bunya pine that could be older than Cook.

    There is only a handful of protectors on the grounds and the Aunties are calling all the mobs to come and join in the peaceful protection of these sacred grounds, or support in all forms from wherever you are, whether by sharing the news in your networks, legal defense, petitioning, writing and calling the governments and companies involved, sending supporters, supplies and donations at camp, or with spiritual energies.

    After thousands of years of occupation of the site and two centuries of recorded history, since the last decades Deebing Creek Mission has been an important center of the Sovereignty and Unity movement for the Original custodians, who consider this place as a few Wounded Knees, a new Standing Rock or another Unistoten, standing out as a powerful statement and a beacon for Indigenous Sovereignty worldwide.

    The Original custodians have been working hard for years to save these grounds and they will not give up to save their ancestors resting places. They have gone through a whole legal process and the site is recognized as historical heritage, but it took five folks with no jurisdiction, selected by the industry to sign a contract and sell out the land, without consultation or agreement of the custodians, protectors and community.

    The proposed “development” includes subsidized military housing to expand the nearby military base involved in radar weather manipulation. They are building a SMART city with huge 5G towers installed around. Military planes have been circling over camp low and slow, cutting off the phone signals availability and to intimidate the protectors.

    What is at stake here, is the final erasure of the Originals’ history and cultures to make room for a takeover by Ai and 5G military controlled society, as a reflection of the bigger issue all of Humanity is now facing.

    Please, support the protectors at Deebing Creek in any way you can. Share this post and let the world know this crime must be stopped…


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