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Regarding attachments, Paranormal cases, by SunBôw

Regarding attachments, Paranormal cases, by SunBôw

Note: The following is a reply to a friend consulting about entity attachments.

Greetings, Nice to hear from you. Glad to read you have been growing and progressing on your spiritual journey. As you say, the greatest advice comes from direct guidance received within one’s soul, where ultimately our quest for the master leads. But at times some keys and advice can come from an outer source in the community, which if authentic, will resonate and confirm the inner master’s guidance. I’ll try to answer some questions that may arise from your account the best I can, from my understanding of the experiences you describe.
Dreams are very real and a gateway to the spirit world. When we learn to pay attention and work within our dreams, as you say you do, we can receive great guidance, support and also accomplish great spiritual work. For some like me, dreamtime is often a time to learn, process, understand or complete healing tasks. As an example, I just woke up here around midnight with vivid dreams of the past Elders of the Aboriginal tribes that I’m working with now, towards protecting from urban destruction ancestral sacred grounds that host ceremonial sites, burials and massacre sites, never reported until now.
As I woke up, I heard possums around my tent and we had a long telepathic conversation. They were thanking me for saving two of their babies from the dog in the last days, a brushtail and a ringtail (two different species). This anecdote serves as an example and update of my current situation and involvement. While being locked down with no international flights leaving Australia, I’m working with Yowie Sovereign Original and her family and tribes.
The first experience you describe is quite common. When you get stronger in your aura and develop spiritual perceptions, you will inevitably attract and perceive entities in need of healing or other forms of energy. Some might just pass by, or hang around and at that level, if you are aware of their presence, it’s usually fairly easy to help them move on. In other cases, they might get attached, either to places, objects or people. This involves a karmic bond or link that needs addressing and resolve. The best way to solve karmic entanglement is to face it, address the situation and understand its causes.
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In the cases of attachments to places, for healing ancient sites and past karmas, like what I’m asked to do now as often, one has to communicate as deeply as possible with the entities involved. Some can be hurt, scary or angry, and it takes a good amount of courage, strength, compassion, will and understanding to deal with these situations, that come from experience and teachings. To do this kind of work, one must accept to accept the existence and sometimes presences of many entities that, like people, are not all pure, peaceful or positive. But any amount of work done towards healing souls will create connections that can grow into friendship, and the spirits involved, whether ancestors, animals or other beings, can become precious allies.
There is a wide diversity of situations and causes, so I’ll try to stay focus on the experience you describe. Entities can attach to people. Many people carry attachment unknowingly, which affect their aura, moods and behaviors. No one is immune from attachment, as our weaker behaviors might attract and entertain them, and in the cases of negative behaviors, some might feed off of them.But there are some types of attachments that can be sent through spells and psychic attacks. Those entities are usually more insisting and can be very invasive, trying to provoke or scare, going as far as trying to use or even possess the body. In some cases, a simple protection ceremony or prayer can solve it and keep them away. In other cases, they keep coming back, especially if they are sent under spell, or if there is a particular karmic bond to heal.
Just last year, I was dealing with a similar situation with an entity sent through psychic attacks. Although I had uneasy feelings since it first manifested, it disguised as a young Sasquatch from the local clan I had been having communications with and played a friendly character while acting invasive, which fooled me for a while. Yet, I had to always keep in check and correct the course, until I realized and understood what it was and where it came from. To know the source of a psychic attack helps greatly to understand its context, face and process it, and mirror the energy back to where it came from, which normally ends the spell and removes the attachment, as I’ve learned from spiritual Elders who are regularly facing psychic attacks, since the more you shine, the more the darkness will notice and often try to darken your light or turn you off. The entities, to heal, must first be willing, which is not always the case, and second relieved from their spells.
To do this kind of spiritual karmic healing, the help and protection of spirit allies and Elder guides, if not a prerequisite, is certainly highly beneficial and helpful. On the quantum level, the wider our consciousness reaches and the more spiritual connections it makes or is aware of , the greater is the reservoir and source of power we can get our help from. Of course, the Great Spirit of Oneness of All is the ultimate Source of all Love, Power and Wisdom, and without this All-Mighty Providence, I wouldn’t want to be working with spirits and entities. All our relations, our connections in the spirit world, are always present everywhere, beyond linear time and space limitations, every time we awaken them in our consciousness through prayer or telepathy.
It could be risky and unsafe to interact with troubled entities without a strong spiritual background and backing and support from a team of spiritual guides and allies. This is why there is a lot of people who, after having experiences with troubled non-physical entities, turn off their spiritual perceptions and try to stay away from any paranormal phenomena, as in the second case you described. This protection reflex due to lack of spiritual guidance and knowledge, typical of our modern materialistic society, has caused many mediums and psychics to shut down their gifts, for fear or misunderstanding of the spirit world. It is safer to do so for a while, but it doesn’t erase the spirit world or prevent it from manifesting. Ultimately, additional learning and seeking understanding is the way forward to evolve as spiritual souls and multidimensional beings, and to interact with all levels of existence of the Multiverse.
It is thus highly recommended on the spiritual healing path as in many forms of shamanism to develop connections with spiritual helpers, whether they be animals, ancestors, spiritual masters, Star Elders or Sasquatch Elders, according to the connections our specific and unique experience has brought us, before engaging in interaction with unknown entities, as it may require an amount of compassion, wisdom and power beyond our actual human limitations.
Everyone is given the opportunity to learn and evolve in their own special way according to their own unique experience, with free will and choices that affect our destiny and the speed of our advance and evolution. No one can walk the path for us, so it cannot be forced on anyone to move forward nor should it be. The best way to help others evolve is to give an example and support their evolution, whether with teachings or prayers and chanting as you describe doing for your friends. As for the entity you described that interferes in your telepathic communication with your friend, it could be related to an attachment she contracted from previous events, or a longer term karmic bond with someone from her past that has not yet been solved.
The stone she found seems quite special and is certainly an artifact. From what I see in the photo attached, it looks like a metallic rectangular plate with an eye-shaped hole in the center and it feels like it was used for ritual and divination purposes. The character you saw that interfere in your contact could likely be connected to it. It’s difficult to be more precise, as I don’t have the details of where it came from and how she found it, or how the stone feels like. But since you attached it with the story and said it’s a healing stone, it is probably related to the situation and I would advise caution in handling it or using it. It would be worth to cleanse it with smudge, salt water and sunlight, as it sounds like it has a lot to say that could bring clues to the situation.
It is hard to know for sure with the amount of information I have, but it seems like you are being guided fast and strongly into becoming the healer you have been seeking, by your understanding of the situations and your will and efforts to bring healing. I’m confident that you will be provided the guidance and spiritual support you need to accomplish your healing work, including from the local Sasquatch clan you have been communicating with in the last two years. It is often a desirable and beneficial outcome from communicating with them, to start doing some spiritual healing work on deeper levels.
I hope that this is helpful, answers your questions and will find you well. I’ll share my reply on my website, but in respect of privacy, not your name or message. Greet springtime in the Kootenays for me, as I’m getting used to cold autumn nights in southeastern Queensland.
Best blessings on your walk and quest…

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