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Experience account by Rivette Marchand, from North Carolina

Experience account by Rivette Marchand, from North Carolina.

Hi Sunbow! I hope all is wonderful in your world! I got some footprints in the snow here around Christmas Day I wanted to show you. They are not super clear but the path is going straight to some structures that were built by our Sasquatch family almost 2 years ago.

I have had a rough year mostly because of a divorce and have been having a heavy load being mostly isolated with children in the woods. I think my sadness has kept them away for a while, so this was a big surprise. I feel their presence always. They did tell me to get off the pity pot because I have big work to do with healing this land and create safe places for them.

I am making altars and gifting areas. I just wanted to share. Your books have inspired me. I am curious about the group here in Western North Carolina and hope to share more stories in the near future. Thank you and Happy New Year…

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