Don’t look for us outside. Find us within.

Revisiting Sasquatch country on the West Coast…

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

By SunBôw

”Don’t look for us outside. Find us within.” This is the highlight of what the Sasquatch have been teaching me lately. I haven’t had time to write since my two week trip on Vancouver Island and the coast this month, but much happened. Apart from visiting fabulous places and natural wonders, beaches, old growth rainforest, caves, wild lakes and rivers along a trail of totem poles, with a cruise around the Nootka Sound and on four other ferries, it was a pilgrimage to the source within for recharging the soul.

The time available does not allow to describe in details the experiences and messages received, but I’ll share the highlights. Having had two life-changing encounters on the Island before, I was expecting some spectacular manifestation. But it came rather in the form of new connections and inner guidance, mainly about spiritual work on my Self.

At the Kamloopa…

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