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Experiencer account from Pennsylvania

Experiencer account from Pennsylvania

Hello, I just want to share some recent experiences.  At this time, I would like to leave my name anonymous when posting this story. Last Summer I was in the Pine Creek Valley on vacation with my family.  We rented a house about 15 minutes South of Slate Run.

The last night of our vacation, I had a dream of four hairy humanoids with the tallest one about 8 – 10 feet with strange goofy hairless human/ape like faces with a stupid grin. They were walking toward me, and it appeared they were smiling at me. What felt like 15 or 20 minutes but not sure really how long it was, I woke up after something huge hit the top back of the house, even with where my bedroom was. Something slammed up against the top rear part of the house and it woke my wife up.  She asked me what was that? The dream immediately popped into my conscious thought. I told her it was bigfoot. She did not say anything.  Then it happened again!

There was a path a little wider than a car around the back of the house then the ground rose up along the hill. Now, with the distance from the top of the house and the hill was probably at least 30 yards.  Something that hit that hard and loud which shook the house had to be pretty big and strong enough to have thrown something that big across that gap.  I decided to go down stairs and go outside and investigate. I went to the door and opened it. I walked out on the back deck. It was dead silent.

I blacked out physically but was conscious in the spirit world, if that makes sense. I began to feel my soul/spirit body being pulled from my physical body. I did not know how long this happened then felt like I was going too far from my body which caused me to temporarily black out again. I quickly regained my spirit consciousness and then regained control of my spirit and quickly returned to my body; almost falling over from the backlash of my spirit reentering my body.  I stood there for a few minutes getting my bearings but did not see, feel, or hear anything then I went back in. I tried to understand what just happened replaying the experience in my head then eventually went to sleep.

My wife asked, “Why bigfoot, why would God allow you to see Bigfoot?” I said God lets me see what he wants me to see. She thought I was crazy.   

7 thoughts on “Experiencer account from Pennsylvania”

  1. I’m wondering if you shot wolves? Ravens? I’m wondering if you wounded an animal and left it to suffer. They seem very protective of the forest. It’s counter to my experience or reading. I would not be afraid to sleep alone in the forest with Sasquatch around. In fact I would feel safer. Maybe not all Sasquatch are alike?

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    1. Interesting points Bruce. Indeed, once you know them, the fear leaves and you can feel safe around them. Yet they are still impressive, especially in first contacts. The loud bang or shout is often a way to clearly get your attention, it can also be a warning. Definitely direct communication, added in this case with an encounter in dream…


      1. It sounds to me like the experience was meant to be a teaching moment. They were teaching him how something felt to another being.
        They hear the trees screaming when they are cut down. Imagine clearcutting for them. Ppl go into the forest and use birds & animals for target practice. Ravens, Sasquatch allies, especially have been nearly hunted to extinction for mere sport. If someone sees a Sasquatch track Sasquatch hears their cruel thoughts & jokes.
        Pppl make cruel jokes. Sasquatch loves the forest and they have helped humans since humans showed up. They helped me cope as a child I’m certain. I was never afraid as a 5 yr old child in the forest alone. They are kind. Playful & boisterous but very kind and gentle.
        I would trust them anyway over humans!

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    2. I never shot a wolf or at a raven. I once shot a buck and it got away from me but that was years ago and I never hunted in the Pine Creek Valley.

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