Speakers at the Sacred Sasquatch Symposium, 02/22/22

Speakers at the Sacred Sasquatch Symposium, 02/22/22

Video presentations at the Sacred Sasquatch Symposium last week. Enjoy!…

Brian Bland on glyphs, contacts and telepathy
Christina Schwind on galactic activation
Mike Bodewitz on levels of communication
Kelly Butterfly channels on Omni-Cosmic Connection
Seth Buoymaster presenting his new book
Shakara Tosha channels light language
SunBôw TrueBrother on shamanism
Speakers panel
Artwork: Raven Hawk

3 thoughts on “Speakers at the Sacred Sasquatch Symposium, 02/22/22”

  1. Thank you SunBôw for all of your beautiful work with our Sasquatch Elder Brothers and Sisters. This vehicle loves, values, sees and appreciates your Light. Best Blessings to you, Brother, and to our beloved Sasquatch (my home and my heart are open to Kamooh and all Sasquatch of good Light).

    Kamooh, I know you are busy. If you choose, you are welcome into my dreamtime. I also invite into my home and into my dreamtime the loving Sasquatch who has been working with me since I was tiny in the crib, and I wish I knew your name, although your face is in every cloud, every tree, the grass, the sky, in still water, in all Things and in The Light. I love you.

    Also, Raven Hawk, thank you for the lovely portrait of one of our Elder Brothers. You honor All with the care and love and detail you choose to share with us.

    Please Wear Your Day With Ease, Best Blessings to All, and please know how much our daily telepathy homegrown loves Sasquatch, and those who work with, and choose to include Sasquatch in their lives.

    With Light-Breath to All,
    Brian Hillyer

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